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   Chapter 331 Are They Mad or Short of Money

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7913

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Harry really wanted to dig up the ring given to her by Thomas, and then to throw it into the trash bin.

She was still somewhat resisting him, and he couldn't force it on her for the moment.

"Break up with him right now, otherwise you'll be expecting your fiance to be cuckolded day after day!" Uttering these words, the man then stood up from the sofa and went back to the kitchen to fry the steak.

If they encountered any trouble again, he was determined to take her back to D City and get remarried, where they could take their time and properly prepare their wedding ceremony.

Whether she liked it or not, getting remarried was the main priority for the time being.

He was going to spend his whole entire life pleasing her. He wanted to let her know that; he really was serious this time, and there would be no more distrust between them.

The dinner was finally ready when it was almost ten o'clock.

Being distracted by the things going on around her, Lola didn't have the time to eat too many snacks. And so she had a big appetite to eat the steak, spaghetti and the other things he cooked for her.

Lola had to admit that Harry was a really good cook, indeed.

She munched on three pieces of black pepper steak, a plate of spaghetti with seafood, five cheese prawns, and a fruit salad.

She felt in a good mood after the delicious meal.

After gracefully wiping his mouth with a paper napkin, Harry began to clear the table.

Lola intended to give him a helping hand, but she soon gave up on the thought and went to the living room.

Because she was too full from eating so much, Lola had to wander around for a while in the living room. She was thinking about calling Nicole, but she was afraid that Nicole might have gone to sleep already long before 11 pm.

However, Nicole, who was sound asleep back in the old house, was murmuring in her sleep, "Daddy chased mommy, and then little Nicole stayed with daddy and mommy forever..."

On hearing Nicole's words, Kevin, who had been taking care of her at that time, felt sad too.

Having been told by his son that Lola was indeed not the murderer, he felt guilty towards the girl.

'Rose, who on earth killed you?' Looking at the darkness outside the window, Kevin deeply missed his wife.

In Crescent Spring

Harry didn't leave the kitchen until he threw all the plates and

was playing jokes on her, so she knocked his big hand off with discontent. "Fine, keep your secrets to yourself then!"

After changing his sports shoes, Harry held her in his arms again and headed upstairs.

Thinking about later going to sleep, Lola cleared her throat, and said, "Please leave me the bedroom. You can sleep in the guestroom." There was a big lamp in the bedroom, so she could go to sleep with the lights on. Although she knew that there was also a lamp in the guestroom, she didn't feel safe there.

Harry didn't utter a word in reply.

Seeing his reply, she said, "You, as a Big Man, wouldn't be so mean to refuse me a room, right?" Would he be stingy?

And even if he didn't agree, she would never sleep together with him, not even in the same room with him!

In front of the bedroom's door, Harry put her down. Then, almost in an instant, Lola pushed him out and tried to close the door.

But Harry would never leave her to sleep alone! And he successfully squeezed through the closing door in the room!

Looking at Harry going to the bathroom triumphantly, Lola felt frustrated for not being as powerful as he was.

Did she had to sleep in the living room for being so weak?

When she thought of it, Lola gave up her fight and struggle because this was, after all, his villa, and she was only an outsider.

Lola had no idea that she had become the owner of this house already, a long time ago.

After opening the next door and turning on the light, Lola found out that the furniture inside it was all covered by white pieces of cloth.

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