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   Chapter 330 Perfect Reason

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"Em...I didn't take my phone with me at work. Are you at home now?" Jordan put his gloves on the table and was about to change clothes so he could leave.

Lola paused and looked at the man in front her, "Brother, I have something to do tonight, so ... I won't go back home. I'll be fine." She used to take an excuse that she would work overtime and stay in the company at night. But now, She couldn't find any excuse for not coming back home. Her family always had an idea already.

Jordan stopped and immediately thought it must be related to the Harry. Otherwise, Lola would not make such a lame excuse.

"You are with Harry." Jordan said in a very positive tone. Except with Harry, his sister never stayed with others at night in A Country, let alone the whole night.

Lola remained in silence, which meant she admitted it. Jordan took a deep breath and said, "Does he force you to this?! Tell me honestly, Lola!" If the answer was yes, he would immediately let someone bring his sister back. Harry couldn't do anything with the military.

Didn't Harry hurt Lola enough yet? What else did he want to do? He was really a man of violence.

"No, brother, we.... have something to solve. It's urgent. Don't worry, just go home!" Both her sister-in-law and her nephew are still waiting for him at home. His brother should be worried on taking care of both of them.

After hearing that, Jordan didn't persuade her anymore but still be worried. "Call me at once if anything goes wrong."

"I know, dear brother. I will. Thank you." As Lola ended the call, the traffic light turned red and Harry stopped the car.

Harry looked back at Lola, "Since you have behaved so well, I'm considering to cook something really delicious for you today!" He looked at the time, and realized that it was just eight o'clock so the supermarket was still open.

Lola put the phone inside her bag and replied without any emotions, "Since I'm behaving so good, can you just drop me off?"

"Never think of that, Lola." Harry immediately refused. He won't take anything of Lola's constant refusal.

In the supermarket

Lola, lost in her own deep thoughts, threw tons of snacks into the cart when Harry was picking ingredients for dinner.

However, as they have not started to make dinner yet, it must be very late when it was done. They were both very hungry already.

Therefore, Harry chose ingredients which could be cooked simply and quickly for Lola.

It was already past nine in the evening when they finally arrived at Crescent Spring from the supermarket.

Crescent Spring had been cleaned, and all the k

her. This scared Lola so much that she nearly threw the phone away. She was nervous that he would find out who she was talking to.

Harry's voice sounded very gentle. However, his eyes were saying otherwise. She could only see a dangerous warning in them.

"Herren, I have something to deal with now. I will call you back." She hurriedly hung up the phone and walked past Harry to the living room.

Thomas grasped the phone and tightened his grip on it.

Lola stayed with Harry now. Herren remembered that last time, Harry also called her when she was with him. However, Lola didn't hang up the phone in such a hurry...

Who did Lola really love? Did she still have feelings for Harry? The answers were obvious now, weren't they?

Lola's hand trembled as she was holding the bag of potato chips. Harry would not spare her as he knew she picked up a call from Thomas.

Exactly, Harry was getting closer to Lola and Lola smelled a sense of danger.

Lola's chin was suddenly lifted up by Harry, who locked her red lips with his and pinned her on the sofa.

After a long while, Harry stopped kissing her. Looking at Lola's confused eyes, he comforted her in a soft, sweet voice, "Once I see you pick up Herren's call again, I will kiss you once. After you do that for three times, oh no, twice, I would directly throw you to the bed. You know what I would do." He found a perfect reason to get to her.

Lola was unwilling to listen to him. She bit her lower lip and asked, "Why should I listen to you? Herren is my fiance, not you. You know that." And look at her, a woman who stayed with another man without telling her fiance... She couldn't understand the people around her. But now, she couldn't understand herself, too.

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