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   Chapter 329 A Chance to Remedy for Your Loss

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 9087

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Harry called Lola directly when he didn't see her in the coffee store. He was really worried that she might hurt herself again. But Lola accidentally picked up the phone and mistook him as Jordan. She told him she was at Panlong Cemetery. Harry predicted that she must have gone to the cemetery to visit Zoe.

Of course he didn't tell her the truth that he was Harry, not Jordan. If she had known that, she would not let him pick her up! Or worse, she would have gone some place that he didn't know.

The notification tone of his Weibo caught his attention when he was driving. He had set the ring tone for only one person on receiving new messages on Weibo. That was Lola. Had she updated a post on her Weibo?

He took the chance to glance over on the cellphone when he was waiting for the green traffic signal. Indeed, Lola had made an update.

The tone of her words was very sad. He could feel how depressed she was as she was alone in the cemetery at this very moment. Thinking about this, Harry sped up a little bit more. He was very anxious to see her.

Half an hour later

Hearing the whistling of a car, Lola raised her head, only to see the familiar Lamborghini. It was not Jordan as her brother's car was a military vehicle.

What had happened? Why did he come here? She was so bewildered. Then she browsed the call records on her cellphone.

It happened that the call she had just picked up was from Harry! That's a shame... .... She had thought that it was from Jordan. She should have checked the name on the screen first. Lola blamed herself for being so stupid.

Harry turned around the car and abruptly stopped right in front of her.

He got off the car from the driver's seat and gently opened the door for Lola. "Get on the car, please."

Lola looked around. It was getting darker, and she could not find anyone who could help her out here. She sighed and then reluctantly got on the car.

They listened to a soothing music in the car and kept silent. It was completely dark outside.

When they arrived at the downtown area, it was already past seven o'clock. Lola politely said, "Mr. Si, please stop at the next crossroad. I will get off there." They were in the downtown now, so she could just hail a taxi to go home. She felt there was no need for him to take her all the way to her home.

Harry glanced at her but still kept quiet. He kept one of his hand holding the steering wheel, while he dragged hers with another hand.

"Just wait. I will go to the supermarket to buy some food. We can cook and eat dinner at my place."

His words suddenly reminded Lola that the day before they went to take the wedding photos, they had also went to the supermarket together. She re

de together!" After sincerely saying this, he held Lola's shoulders and prepared to enter the house.

Lola was stupefied. What? Was he joking or something? Did he really mean this? Well, he's really that brave and determined... If she let him get inside the house with her, her parents would throw both of them out!

"Hey, Mr. Si, you're shameless!" They were again caught in a deadlock.

Harry smiled and faced her as she was reluctant to move forward to him. "I'm at my wit's end. If I don't put my face down, how could I win back my wife's heart?"

Lola stared at him and didn't know what to say.

The she blurted out, "Why are you always doing such strange things to destroy your image? Do you think it's interesting and fun? Are you that bored with your life?" She tried to embarrass him.

Harry suddenly held her into his arms. "No matter what you say, I will follow you to the end. Lola, I won't let you get out of my hands for the rest of your life! I realize that you are the only person who can make happy!" He said firmly. There was a hint of desperation in his tone.

She was pulled into the car by Harry again. He immediately threw himself on her body and threatened, "If you don't go with me, I will do it here right now." He was determined to take her home tonight.

Lola closed her eyes. She was very tired by his constant annoyance. Her head was literally aching already.

At last, she surrendered and nodded. Harry went back to the driver's seat and drove the car away.

On the road, Lola's phone rang. It was from Jordan. He just finished his work and found that Lola had called him before.

"Brother, have you finished your work? It's nothing. I'm fine now. Thank you for your concern." She pulled herself together and answered the phone. She had to control her emotions.

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