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   Chapter 328 Panlong Cemetery

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Harry smiled wryly again. So this was the feeling to be rejected coldly and heartlessly. It really hurt so bad.

"You don't have to promise anything. I'm just telling you that I will pursue you again."

Could it be handled this way? Lola looked at him speechlessly. He was so hard to deal with. He was so unpredictable and she didn't know if he truly loved her...

She thought for a moment and felt that it was necessary to make her words even more clear. "Harry, the ex-Lola has already died the moment when I committed suicide for you! This time, I died more thoroughly than I did five years ago when I jumped into the sea! Although I am still using this body, the heart that loved you does not exist anymore. And I don't want to be with you ever! You can't change that, Harry."

With these words, her eyes turned red. When she thought about it again, she felt she was like a fool who should not have done such a ridiculous act for a man like him!

Harry held her hands tightly. He looked up to her. Lola was already getting emotional, so he reassured her in a soft voice, "From now on, let me spend the rest of my life making up for every hurt I have caused you!"

Lola waved his hands away. "Don't talk to me like you meant everything you just said! How many times have you told me that you would love me for all your life? Have you ever kept your promise for even once?" She burst into tears and took a step back. She had never completely known this man lying on the bed. Harry, in her memory, was the one who had always held her to his chest, saying sweet words to her; not the one who didn't trust her and hurt her again and again.

However, that was who Harry actually was. That was his personality. So she decided to give up, no matter what Harry would do.

She could not afford to be loved and then be hurt again...

Seeing her like this, Harry was full of guilt and regrets. It was all because of his stupidity that the cheerful and affectionate Lola was gone now.

However, he would not give up. He had to find the original version of Lola back.

He would love her, spoil her and trust her from now on.

"I'll call Joey. You can go back first. Thank you." He was willing to compromise now. He knew this would have positive ripples on the future.

Without any hesitatio

uld try my best to make myself happy so I wouldn't worry those who loved me. I'll be a better Lola in the future. Zoe, see you next time."

It was already getting dark when Lola left the cemetery. The cemetery was a remote location and she couldn't find a taxi.

So she had to take out her cell phone and call her elder brother.

Jordan's phone had rung for a long time, but he didn't answer it. Maybe he was busy in the barracks.

Walking along the deserted road with her phone, she unconsciously thought of Zoe again.

It was Zoe who took her home five years ago when she was dropped at the suburb of D City by a taxi driver.

At that time, she called Harry, but he didn't answer his urgent call.

At the moment, her phone rang and she thought it was Jordan calling back.

She answered the phone before she could see the caller's name, "Jordan, I was in Panlong Cemetery and there's no taxi here. Please come and pick me up."

Panlong Cemetery? The man on the other side hung up the phone after a soft "Hmm".

There was only a soft "Hmm". It was strange. But Lola didn't think too much about it. She opened her Weibo and waited a long time.

She tweeted a comment, "I'm in the suburb again and there is still no taxi to go back. However, this time your phone will never be connected again." With eyes full of tears, she clicked the send button. After calming down her emotions, she started to refresh other posts.

Just after the transfusion in the hospital, Harry went to the LN. But he didn't find Lola there.

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