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   Chapter 327 Smiled Like That Again

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With a cigarette in his mouth, Harry dashingly looked at Lola. They were sitting in a private room in the restaurant. The room was reserved mainly for very important people. Lola rushed towards him and took away his cigarette.

She squashed the cigarette into the ash tray end and threw the remaining half box of expensive cigarettes into the trash can.

"Go back to C Country if you smoke again. I'm not putting up with that nasty habit of yours."

Then she sat back into her seat and stared at Harry's stunned expression. "Well, I will do whatever my wife wants." Harry gave in.

"Why are you so sweet and cheeky right now? You know I've got a fian..." She stopped midway through her sentence when she saw Harry's warning eye expression.

At that moment, a waiter knocked at the door and brought in the hotpot soup.

Harry was dismayed when he saw the red spicy soup. "But, for my wife, I will risk my life!" He thought to himself. He's not used to eating spicy foods...

The vegetables and meat were brought in soon. Unexpectedly, Lola warmly helped Harry get the food onto his plate.

"If I finish all the food you are giving me, will you come with me tonight? Please?" Harry lazily leaned on the chair as he was observing Lola's expression. That was only the purpose on which he visited Lola today.

Lola ate a meatball to ease her anger, "Does Boss Si want to torture me again? If that's all that we will do, then I won't come."

Harry winked to her with a smirk, "I'll be very gentle."

Lola swallowed the meatball in her mouth expressionlessly, and then she put more food on his plate, "Finish these first. Everything."

How could she agree to have dinner with such a cruel man? She gave in to his charm again... Lola, did you want him to torture you even more?

Harry drank a lot of water because of all the spicy food that he ate. He used the chopsticks to finish everything on the plate.

Lola continued to put more and more food onto his plate. He obediently ate everything that she made him consume. His stomach was so full now.

He just wanted to keep her by his side even if he had to go to hospital because of it. He just desired to do whatever it took to win her over.

Finally, they ate everything in the hotpot. Lola remained emotionless even when Harry had drunk several bottles of water already.

They walked out of the hotpot restaurant. Harry sweetly opened the car door for Lola.

Lola looked at Harry and she could immediately tell that he was not feeling well. "He's really good at endurance

es when she stared at him.

She had registered for him and sent him to the ward. She did what she had to do. She's done here.

Harry felt really bad. Then he realized that when he treated her like that, she must have felt even worse.

Harry waved to Lola, telling her to come in. Lola didn't move a step but just fixed her eyes on him.

It seemed that she indeed wanted to stay away from him. Harry smiled bitterly. How deep did he hurt her? She must have hurt so much because of the way that she refused him right now.

"Lola, please don't leave until I fall asleep. Please." He tried to gently bargain with her.

Lola felt that she couldn't bear that bittersweet smile on his face. She slowly made her way back into the ward.

And then he smiled like that again while holding her waist with his arms and resting his face on her belly.

Lola wanted to immediately refuse. This was what her instincts told her. But she didn't move when she saw the infusion needle in his hand.

Harry really wanted to kiss her when he smelled the her signature perfume.

But he couldn't rush. He would like her to accept him by herself, and he didn't mind to chase her back.

He moved his body so Lola could sit beside him and said, "Lola, I will capture your heart again!"

The sudden confession confused Lola. Did he want to chase her again?

She sneered and took her hand out of his, "Harry, I won't react to anything you'll do! I already learned my lesson."

He though he could make all things up by chasing her again? He was being funny and overconfident. Did he know that she could never trust him again? After everything he had done to her, she would never believe in him anymore.

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