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   Chapter 326 There was A Backup in My Computer

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8076

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The female clerk reluctantly headed to the check-out counter. She guessed that this handsome man came here for her boss! He was really an appealing gentleman!

There was a round table near the hanging seat. Harry intentionally moved it near to a window, a position which was opposite to Lola.

Joey immediately put down the materials and moved the two chairs.

Lola was still lost in her thoughts. She didn't realize what had happened until Harry already sat down opposite her.

Glaring at the handsome man smiling at her, she blurted out, "Get out! You are not welcome here!" She really desired to be impolite to him. However, the smile on the man's face didn't fade away at all.

He had already made mental preparations and knew that if he wanted to get her back, he must be totally thick-skinned and very patient. Lola was so hard to deal with!

Joey laughed in secret as he heard what Lola said. He knew that only Lola could dare to speak to Harry like that.

After putting all the materials in place for his boss, Joey found a seat in the corner to wait for his boss to successfully pursue a girl.

A cup of latte was put in front of Harry. Yet, Harry's eyes were fixed at the woman who was staring back at him. This completely broke the female clerk's heart. She wanted him to look into her eyes.

Indeed, this handsome man came here for her boss!

"Did Dominator go bankrupt? Boss Si comes to LN frequently these days. What could be happening?" She spoke arrogantly, making Harry want to kiss her lips to stop her from saying another word.

"Honey, have you forgotten already? Now, Dominator and LN only have one boss. And it's you, my dear!" LN Cafe... He loved the name of her cafe as it represented Lola and Nicole. The two girls he loved the most in the world...

She couldn't bear to listen to his flattering words. Lola really wanted to drive him out with a broom!

However, she decided to ignore him. Making up her mind, she opened her laptop and started to check the recent sales data. After that, she also updated her Weibo.

She did all these while Harry just sat opposite her quietly and started to work seriously with the files that he brought.

The golden rays of the sun shone on them through the window. What a beautiful and exhilarating scene!

When it was time for lunch, Harry simply sorted the materials and put them aside.

Then he directly walked to Lola, turne

her breath. Then, he whispered to her ear, "If you mention another man again, I guarantee you that I'll break his bones."

Lola's beautiful eyes glared at him. She found him smirking at her. "Harry, except threatening me, what else can you do?"

Harry gripped the corner of his suit carelessly, and replied, "Threatening you is the only thing I want to do! It gives me so much joy and satisfaction! Other than that, I don't need to do anything.."

Looking out the window, Lola decided not to talk to him. She would just be disgusted and infuriated at his words!

"Go to a hotpot restaurant now! I'm starving." The man ordered indifferently.

Hotpot? Lola wore a smirk on her face, thinking it was him that was looking for ill treatment!

In the hotpot restaurant

Lola ordered many of her favorite dishes. Without asking Harry's opinion, she told the waiter, "Spicy hotpot soup, please. Thanks!"

While he was smoking a cigarette, his stomach twitched a little when he heard the word "spicy". He never liked spicy foods and he knew that Lola totally knew about this.

Yet, he said nothing. He flicked the ash from his cigarette and looked at the woman opposite him. He tried to be in a good mood.

"Lola, how about you go with me today?" He was asking her for her opinion.

Pretending not to hear anything, Lola took a sip on her drink and didn't respond.

He showed no care at all. He anticipated that she would ignore him. He took a smoke again, leaned forward and then blew a puff of smoke at her face.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!" Frantically waving her small hands, Lola coughed badly.

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