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   Chapter 325 Flowers are Blooming Along the Walkway

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Lillian snorted and stared at Joseph in an arrogant manner, "Okay! You can get in the car!"

Joseph happily followed her into the car. But even though Lillian had forgiven him, he was scolded harshly by Harold as soon as they arrived on the Li's villa.

As Lola got up quite late today, it was almost near noon when she arrived at the coffee store.

However, it didn't matter. The coffee store was owned by her, she could go to the store whenever she liked. It was one of the perks as a business owner. Besides, her crew and staff were trustworthy and responsible.

She enjoyed the freedom!

When she arrived at the coffee shop, an assistant excitedly told her that there was a flower shop delivery man who had been waiting for her for a long time.

Flowers? It reminded her of Thomas Herren. The flowers must be from him! She had no doubts about it.

The delivery man came closer when he saw the assistant waving at him.

The customer who ordered the flowers had emphasized that the flowers must be handed over to the receiver in person. So the delivery man did not dare to leave before he could personally give the bouquet to her. The customer actually gave him a very large tip.

Lola looked at the bouquet of red roses in amazement. There were 99 roses in front of her!

The beautiful scene of so many red roses attracted the attention of all the people in the cafe.

"Miss Li, please sign your name here. Thank you!" The delivery man asked Lola to confirm the receipt.

Lola tried to control her emotions and thoughts. She did not sign her name immediately, but took the card in the flowers to see what was written on it.

"The flowers are blooming along the walkway.

It's time you come back now, but no haste.

Right here, for you I wait." Your dear husband.


Until this moment, she realized that the flowers could not be from Thomas Herren. She thought he won't do such sweet gestures like this. He wasn't really that kind of man. But the man who sent the flowers was really so shameless! He dared to called himself her husband!

She looked at the bouquet again and then suddenly realized a good idea.

She took out her phone and quickly called Joey.

"Hi. Is this Miss Li?" Joey answered the phone with uncertainty.

Lola smiled and said, "Yes, it's me. Can you give me the address of Miss Cherry?"

Joey glanced at the closed office door. He would not think that Lola wanted to get the address of Cherry because she would cause some trouble for Harry. Lola was always a kind and sophisticated lady.

However, no matter what Lola was up to this time, he will take sides with her. Sorry, Boss Si.

Joey quickly told her the address in

so. She had to get used to the strange looks from other people every day.

Her mind began to wonder again when she sat in the couch and quietly watched the scenery at the park.

She was so immersed in her thoughts that she did not notice what was happening at the entrance of her store.

A Lamborghini sports car stopped at the gate of the store, attracting a crowd of curious people.

Joey got out from the driver's seat and gently opened the door for Harry, who was sitting at the back seat.

A pair of brand-new shiny shoes stepped onto the concrete. Then the arrogant man with white shirt and black suit stood in front of them.

The diamond on the watch on his wrist was glittering under the sunshine.

"Isn't that our boss? What is he doing at that cafe?"

"Yes, it's strange. But there was news that our store and the store across from us have been incorporated into one."

"I heard about the gossip that the boss in that store recently received 99 imported roses. How romantic it was! Do you think it was from our Mr. Si?"

"Maybe it was, but who knows! The owner is really a beautiful lady! She could have an abundance of suitors."


The two supervisors in the Dominator discussed in a low voice while watching the scene.

The man in sunglasses looked at Joey and instructed him, "Take out the materials for me."

Joey fetched the files from the car and went into the LN coffee store with Harry.

His appearance at the store stirred up excitement inside.

He put his hands into his pockets and walked handsomely toward the direction of Lola. Everyone gazed at him with admiration. Harry's charm never failed him once.

The shop assistant who happily came to greet him was stopped by Joey. He politely ordered, "A cup of latte, please. Thank you."

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