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   Chapter 324 Are There Anything Left to Explain

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7557

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"Why did you even bother to bring her back? Don't you know that public figures like you, Joseph Li, are constantly covered by a lot of eyes and cameras?" Lola couldn't figure out why her brother would make such a silly mistake. He was not a rookie at all!

Joseph couldn't deny that he made a mistake. He could only just scratch his head. "Only Lillian can help me. I don't do anything wrong, okay?" She was in Joseph's apartment last night. The reporters would shut up if only she could be seen walking out together with him.

However, Joseph was not sure whether Lillian was still upset. He could not risk her health right now.

"You want Lillian to save you? She's so kind that she didn't even kill you for what you did." Lola answered sarcastically. If such things should happen to Harry, she couldn't imagine what she'd do to him...

Stop thinking about that! Lola shook her head immediately. How crazy!

"What do you mean by saving me, my sister? I'm innocent. Okay?"

"Innocent? Didn't you take that woman to your home last night?"

"I have. But it doesn't mean that we did something wrong!" But he sent her away then. She didn't even sleep there.

Lola doubted how her brother survived in the entertainment circle for years. "You are not innocent since you have let her in."

… Joseph started to agree with his sister. She had a point. He was at fault in this matter.

"I'll wait for Lillian to wake up. And I'll talk with her right away." The door of the bedroom opened while Joseph was still speaking.

"I have to hang up, Lola. She's up now." Joseph immediately hung up the phone and rushed in front of Lillian. He greeted her with a voice as sweet as he could make, "Good morning, Honey."

What a "good" morning. Lillian just gave him a cold stare. His phone has never stopped ringing.

She already knew what was going on. She saw 999 Weibo messages on the phone screen notification just now.

She turned the silent mode on. There were still dozens of missed calls.

Joseph gave up when he saw Lillian having so much difficulty in walking around. He could handle this by himself like a man.

"Go and wash yourself, honey. Let's have breakfast after." Joseph would rather eat with his wife before he went to work.


ment on the Internet. The signature of the lawyer at the lower right corner really shocked everyone -- it's Samuel Shao!

Those magazines spreading rumors were dead meat. They would never recover their business again.

Watching the video online, Harry saw no need to act on it. He just needed to contact Samuel.

So could he take credit from his woman? After all, Samuel was not a lawyer who is easy to approach.

Just a few hours after noon, all rumors about Joseph were proved wrong. Some magazines even published their letters of apology as early as they could. But, it was still too late.

Following his wife everywhere, Joseph began to comfort Lillian by all means. "You are so kind, sweetheart, I love you, love you, love you!"

Not in the mood to speak to him, Lillian opened the car door and sat inside.

"Let me help fasten your seat belt, my dear. I love you!" Oh, so many "love you"! Lillian couldn't stand it anymore.

"You are too disgusting and annoying, Joseph Li!" Such a childish man, she thought. She gave a cold stare to the grinning face in front of her.

But he gave her a kiss on her cheeks. "I can do anything you want me to do once you're not angry anymore."

……. Squinting at him, Lillian answered, "Was this the way you took that girl home?"

Joseph put on a disappointed face immediately. Already irritated, he replied, "Never mention that woman to me! I won't cooperate with her and that director anymore. I'll tell Harry tomorrow to send him to Mauritius."

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