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   Chapter 323 Let Their Relationship End

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7140

Updated: 2018-07-25 11:29

Joseph was very annoyed. He just wanted to throw her off. He was so disgusted.

But the woman held him so tight that they both stumbled onto the sofa. Joseph felt the woman underneath his body. He didn't like it. Not even a bit.

The door of the bedroom was suddenly opened, and he looked back in astonishment.

He immediately turned pale when he saw the person in his bedroom. Was he daydreaming? When did Lillian arrive? She was at home when she sent a message just this morning!

Well, that was not important then. Lillian was shocked and her hands were trembling with what she saw right in front of her.

Shit! Joseph thought to himself. He was in deep trouble!

He pulled down the woman's hands on his neck, showing no care for the woman.

"Honey!" The woman on the sofa turned over and fell to the ground. But he just rushed to the bedroom.

Lillian slammed the door and locked it. Joseph almost hit his nose on the door. It was just mere inches away!

Oh, he's dead! How could he explain this... Joseph was frantically pounding his fists on the door. "Lillian, please listen to my explanation. It's not as bad as what you saw!" He couldn't just let their relationship end this way.

Lillian sat on the bed blankly. She felt so numb. She didn't cry nor go crazy. She just sat there quietly.

She didn't even respond to Joseph's shouting.

She thought Joseph to be very simple and loyal. But the truth was there were so many beautiful women in the entertainment circle. And he was a superstar movie actor. It's already understood that many women would surround him.

She trusted him all the time until this very day. She believed that he could resist the temptation, but obviously she was wrong.

"Honey, you are carrying a baby. Please don't get upset. Let me explain. Honey!" Joseph kept on talking to his wife outside the room. He couldn't bear to give up.

Damn woman! Damn his director! He would send the woman away right now.

He dialed his manager's phone number and let him take the woman away.

He would never ever cooperate with that director again.

After his manager led the woman out of t

ay were all about Joseph.

An international movie star has been seen taking another woman home.

Married actor Joseph took new actress Cassie to his apartment late at night.

Joseph cheated on his pregnant wife with Cassie, a young actress.

They also put the photos on the news. The man on the photos was indeed Joseph. He held a woman in his arms and it was obviously not his wife, because there was no big belly.

Joseph, Lillian and Cassie's micro blogs were filled with millions of comments.

After marriage, Joseph had been a good husband in everyone's eye. All of his fans waited for his explanation. They didn't want to believe that this was true.

Joseph closed the door of the bedroom. One phone call followed another. It was an endless cycle.

"No, I did not... I did bring her back, but then I sent her away!" The first phone call he got was from Lola.

Lola was mad at his brother and she couldn't sleep because of it. She walked back and forth in the room.

Lillian couldn't get even angrier.

Did Joseph think about the complications and consequences before he did such thing?

"Joseph, If you didn't cheat on Lillian, handle this as soon as possible. How's Lillian now?" Lola heard that she went to surprise Joseph in his apartment.

Joseph took a quick glance at his bedroom. "She is still sleeping now." Lillian has always been sleepy recently. Just let her sleep a little longer.

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