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   Chapter 322 Drunk Woman

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Everything that Lola mentioned were noted and reported to Harry in time.

To which, Harry simply said, "From now on, just report directly to Joey. The rest of the profits would still be counted to the account of Miss Li's."

As soon as he ended the call, Harry realized something and quickly dialed Joey's number.

Lola had been studying the sales reports for more than two hours when she finally felt tired and decided to call it a day. She pressed on her temple to relieve the headache as she put away the documents. Then she took off for the Li family's villa.

In the living room, Lillian and Wendy were having fun with the baby. They were putting on their funny faces to make the baby laugh. Upon seeing Lola, they were both delighted.

"Oh, you just finished work in the shop? How is everything now?" Wendy slowly walked up towards Lola as she hadn't fully recovered from her child birth.

She heard that Lola had been in Crown Province, but she was not sure what had happened between her and Thomas Herren. If something good happened, Thomas would have been with her right now...

Lola sadly shook her head and just answered, "Never mind. Thanks to Harry the jerk, so far I got nothing done."

If Harry had not been a jerk, Thomas would have met all her relatives already and discussed about their wedding.

When she heard this, Lillian immediately stopped eating her grapes. She was alarmed and concerned. She approached Lola while resting her hands on her baby lump.

"What happened? Tell me about it."

Lola had to explain the whole incident with them since they were both so interested and worried.

When Lola finished telling them everything, Lillian became so infuriated. "I have told Harry before that he would definitely regret if he dares to treat you like that again!" He never listened to her. Now, he will be getting a dose of his own medicine! He hurt Lola so bad. She wanted to burn all the bridges between them.

Watching the baby in the cradle kicking his chubby legs, Lola really enjoyed family time. Wendy encouraged her and said to her in a soft voice, "I don't know what to say. It's so hard to tell. Let nature take its course. However, if you have made up your mind to break up with him for good, you must be strong and you should never give in."

Lola nodded. In fact, she was afraid of herself being too weak. That man was way too wicked and cunning for her to handle. He knew her every weakness.

"Cute baby, call me auntie soon. Okay?" Lola was having a good time playing with the baby in her arms. She did not want to bother herself with troubles.

Wendy laughed out hard. "Come on, he is still so young a

ed. Maybe the apology from Harry worked.

Lillian was really bored at home. She actually came up with a bold decision without informing Joseph. She secretly bought a flight ticket to C Country.

She arrived in C Country in the late afternoon. She learned from Joseph that he was still in the process of making a movie. However, there would be a banquet for the crew later that night.

She went to his apartment directly as she decided to give him a big surprise.

She first cleaned up his apartment. Then she sat down and watched random TV shows to pass the time. It was already ten o'clock, but Joseph was still not back yet.

Lillian eventually felt sleepy. Her pregnancy had caused her to be dizzy all the time.

It was well past eleven when Lillian was woken up by the sound of turning of the knob of the door. She felt excited as she pictured out his surprised, happy look.

She was very proud of her big surprise for him and she really hoped he would like it!

However, she heard him talking to someone else by the door!

Lillian quickly got out of the bed. Putting on her slippers in a hurry, she rushed towards the door.

Outside the door stood her husband Joseph. To her shock, he was accompanied by a drunk woman. She was in his arms and he looked absolutely irritated. As he promised the movie director, Joseph had no choice but to look after the young actress. If he had a choice, he would dump her by the road a long time ago.

"The young actress was quite good-looking. But that was because of tons of plastic surgery. Not like Lillian, a natural beauty..." Joseph thought to himself.

Just then, the woman in his chest suddenly raised her arms and draped them around his neck. Now, it seemed she was embracing him in a very intimate way.

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