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   Chapter 321 Never Rely on You

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He did not move. He held his arms against the elevator, and blocked her from getting out.

"It's a beautiful dream that you will fall in love with me again! I know you will!" He was acting like a mad man. It didn't match his identity and image at all.

When the elevator arrived, he picked her up again and headed for her room.

"This is my room. You can go now." She tried to push him out. Lola hated the fact that it seemed he liked to follow her to anywhere she went.

Harry caught her hands and pulled her into his arms. Her face was already touching Harry's chin.

"Get out of here!" Both of them pushed back and forth violently. Finally, Harry slammed the door shut.

Throwing her on the big bed, he immediately pinned her down and looked at her cute little face. "Lola, I'm sorry." He apologized in a sincere tone. Lola couldn't believe it. Before, all his apologies always carried a hint of sarcasm.

But Lola pressed the matter even further. She was not satisfied yet. "Harry, how have you treated me in the past?" When he was happy and in a cheerful mood, he held her gently and sweetly. When he was upset, he tortured her, and pushed her away.

"From now on....."

Lola cut off. "Go away! Don't make any promises to me anymore! Damn it! Don't ever dare promise me anymore. You would just disappoint me!"

From now on? He could only say those words after everything bad he had done to her? She would never listen to his promises again! "We have no future. You go back to your place, and I'll live my life. We don't owe each other!"

Now that he knew she was not the murderer, she was already cleared of the crime. There was no need for them to keep in touch.

Sensing her anger, he caressed her cheeks. "No, you are wrong. I owe you too much. I have to repay you."

"If you think you owe me, then get out of here and never show up again! That's what I want." They should never see each other. That would be the best thing that will happen to her.

She grasped his big hand fumbling her face, and bit him hard. "Don't touch me! Get up!"

He kissed where she had bitten, and then got up from the bed.

Her face blushed with shame when she saw this sweet gesture.

He half crouched beside her to take off her shoes. Then he also took off his own, and went to bed.



She looked at the store across the street. How did he do it? Why did lots of people drink such expensive coffee willingly?

At this time, a man in a suit and tie came from the opposite street. Obviously, he came for Lola.

Lola lay on the hanging basket. The man respectfully said to her, "Miss Li, I have something to report to you."

Report to her? Lola looked at the man in front of her. She was confused, "Who are you?" He might have been mistaken to approach her. She didn't know who he was. Maybe he was just one of the new employees. Or maybe a new person here in town.

"Miss Li, I am the manager of Dominant. The documents of the sales records and some new policies of the business need your signature."


Well, there was only one possibility. Harry might have transferred the ownership of his coffee shop to her!

"Why does it need my signature? You should look for Harry for it."

The man felt embarrassed. He didn't know what to say. "Miss Li, don't you know that Dominate has been under your name?"

She knew it! Lola rolled her eyes. Harry was really good at playing tricks and surprises!

"Tell him I do not need this."

"Why not, Miss Li?" The store manager asked in surprise. No other person would reject a big offer like this.

Lola said frankly, "I have nothing to do with him. No gains without pains. This is always the thing with him."

.... The store manager realized that Mr. Si just used the coffee bar to show his affection to her. With that, he left Lola's shop helplessly.

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