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   Chapter 320 Taking Him Under Her Wing

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With these words, he hung up the call, returned the phone to Lola and took her to the bedroom with his arms draped around her shoulders.

"Please continue with your sleep. You need some rest." He held her by the shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.

Looking at the phone, Lola nodded uneasily and went into the bedroom.

After a shower, Lola drifted off to sleep with the phone still in her hands.

Three o'clock in the morning

Lola's cell phone suddenly rang again. She was awake in an instant and was startled by the ringing sound.

As expected, the caller was Harry. Oh, Harry again...

She switched the phone to mute and watched it ring again and again.

Then a WeChat message notified on the screen. Harry said that If he could not see her in five minutes, he would not hesitate to go upstairs.

Lola changed her clothes at once and left the bedroom with her bag even before she could fix her hair.

"Knock, knock, knock." While Lola was knocking at Herren's bedroom door, Herren was still reading the papers.

He actually heard the first time her phone rang. He knew what was happening.

He opened the door and held her to his chest before she could say a word.

Lola was startled. After she calmed down her fast beating heart, she said softly, "Herren, have a good night. I have to go."

"I won't let you go! I won't let you be hurt again." He held her tightly and did not let her go.

Unfortunately, her five minutes would soon be up and Lola was afraid that Harry would go upstairs. She tried to push him away, but instead of letting her go, Herren just kissed her on the lips.

Lola was pinned on the door and could not move.

Bad luck! Neither of two men would give up on her! Lola couldn't think clearly.

Herren felt her panic and reassured her, "Don't be afraid. I'll be here with you."

Outside, the man in a white shirt put his hands in his pockets. Looking coldly at the door in front of him, Harry ordered the two men behind him, "I'll give you both a million each. Just kick the door open for me!"

The two bodyguards looked at each other in surprise and immediately stepped forward.

The door of the apartment was kicked wildly just before Herren had finished his words.

One hard kick followed after another. Before long, the door was forcefully opened.

Outside the door, the two bodyguards immediately backed away to make way

knew that the door on the other side was already locked.

Eventually, she had to give up and closed her eyes as she against the other door to keep a distance from him.

In the apartment

Thomas Herren sat on the sofa and sadly looked at the room. It was all messed up.

Lola's heart was not with him at all. Why would she want to leave?

She was with him and would like to marry him only because she wanted to get away from Harry.

She wanted Harry to regret letting her go, but her heart was not tough enough so she could not make up her mind.

Harry rubbed his swollen temples and bruised face and then called his secretary. He wanted to tell him something important.

At the hotel

If not because Harry was too handsome and charming, the waiter would have called the police for sure.

The woman he was carrying kept on struggling frantically. Everyone could see it.

Taking the pre-booked room card, Harry led her to the elevator.

Lola stared at him coldly and demanded, "Put me down!"

Harry raised his eyebrows and put her down obediently. Before she could do anything, he pinned her to the walling of the elevator.

Lola's back was already against the elevator and she looked at him in hatred and disgust.

"I hate you. Don't you know that?!"

He just nodded. The expression on his face did not change. "Yes. Then, I want you to love me again." His tone was full of confidence.

She hated his arrogance. She smirked and answered, "Who gave you the confidence to make you think I will love you again? You are daydreaming again!" With that, she pushed him away.

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