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   Chapter 319 I Want to See You

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"All right, I see. Have a good time with mommy. Daddy will handle this issue." With these words, Harry ended the call with Nicole. He took out another cigarette and inhaled the smoke as he fell into his deep thoughts.

Lola planned to marry Thomas Herren? He wouldn't just sit and let it happen!

He would never ever allow her to marry another man!

He quickly made a phone call to Thomas to inform him that he was in possession of some nasty evidence and he could easily use them against Lola. He threatened him so he wouldn't continue with the wedding.

Thomas challenged him with a scornful laugh. "Harry Si, well played! You are the president of the SL Group. Don't you forget that. Why would you lower your standard and pull such lousy and mean trick?"

Harry laughed back. He would do anything to get Lola back. He didn't even care about his image.

"If you ignore my warnings and insist on marrying her, then I have to destroy her. You know I can do that, Thomas."

Thomas said nothing but simply hung up the call.

Harry smirked as he dialed Joey's number. He gave a short and straightforward order to his assistant: "Send someone to watch over Thomas. If anything happens, inform me immediately." He was confident that Thomas had some weak points. Everyone has weaknesses.

Everyone did. Just like himself, Lola and Nicole were his weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Lola waited on Thomas for days after Nicole has gone back to his father. Thomas never showed up to meet her family.

Lola was distressed so she bought a direct flight to Crown Province. She planned to talk to Thomas about it.

She went straight from the airport to Thomas' apartment only to find out that he was not at home.

She unlocked the door through her own fingerprints. Thomas has set it up for her so she could always enter the room. She thought it would be nice to wait for him in his apartment.

The apartment was tidy. Someone had cleaned it carefully. She pushed her old bedroom door open. Everything still looked the same.

Lola thought for a moment and decided to call Thomas.

Thomas was on his way to another apartment of his when he received her call. After knowing that she was now here in Crown Province, he turned the car around and drove directly to her.

He hadn't seen her for a long time. Apart from the time he was caught up in busy work, she was constantly on his mind. He never thought that his emotions invested a lot on Lola.

The moment he stepped into the apartment, she greeted him with a big lovely smile. This made him feel at home. Thomas walked up towards her and hugged her with all his heart and soul.

Lola was overwhelmed by his passion. Without giving her further room

as the memories haunted her. They haunted her every night.

"I will do my best to make up to you. Please come back to me, okay? Please forgive me." His voice was so sweet and alluring whenever he was gentle to her. But she had enough of it.

She snapped in disgust. "No! I am going back to sleep with my fiancé now. Mr. Si, stop disturbing me on such a beautiful night!"

When she was about to end the call, she heard a sharp yelp from him, "You are in Crown Province?!"

She said nothing to him.

"Lola, time to rest. Just hang up the call." Thomas' voice was heard over the phone, piercing through the uncomfortable silence like a sharp knife.

Harry was instantly awakened. He glared outside the window to the dark sky. His fists were clenching.

"Lola Li, if you dare do anything with him, I will hunt him down and slaughter him! Mark my words!" His voice was so loud that even Thomas heard his dangerous threat.

"Who are you to decide what I can do and what I can't?!" What kind of threat was that?

A wicked smile spread across Harry's face as he spoke slowly, word by word, "Lola, don't you ever forget the time when I tied your hands up with your scarf and pressed you against the balcony..." She should know her place and position better.

"Shut up, you evil being!" Lola screamed at the top of her lungs as she tried to stop him from talking any further.

"Then be nice to me. Go to a hotel and I will pick you up tomorrow morning." He played and manipulated her with his enticing voice.

Just then, Thomas took the phone over as he embraced Lola tightly with his arms. With a mocking tone, he said, "Mr. Si, are you out of your mind? Every property I own also belongs to my fiancé. Why do we have to bother to go to a hotel? The ambiance in our home is so much sweeter!"

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