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   Chapter 318 Had a Fight

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Harry stood up from his chair as he dived deep into his thoughts.

Joey explained everything in detail for him.

At first, the school boy did not dare to tell the truth as he was scared it would cause him unnecessary trouble. He was fearful of his own life. Eventually, he spit it all out as he was under so much pressure.

That very day, as he was doing his homework on the balcony, he noticed a masked man climb to the window of the second floor. This caught his attention immediately. It was rather strange. He looked closer and saw the man take something out of his pocket and aim it into the room.

The next second, he heard a huge explosion of a gun. Out of panic, he hid underneath the window and only popped his head out a little bit to see what just happened.

A second explosion came. The masked man threw the weapon inside the room, closed the window and fled the scene immediately.


The office had an awkward silence. It was so uncomfortable. Joey noticed Harry's face having mixed feelings.

Joy, guilt, excitement and agony.... Harry's expression was a bit bizarre.

Harry remembered her mother's movements the moment she was dying. She was not pointing at Lola, but she was actually pointing at the window behind her!

That little fool! Why didn't Lola explain everything to him!

However, back then, no matter what she said, he would automatically treat all her words as lies!

"Comply with the police to investigate the masked man. As for the school boy, give him a lucrative scholarship to ensure that he goes to key universities. If he wishes, he may come and work for my company directly after his graduation."

Joey pictured this out in admiration as he knew from this moment onwards, the boy has a splendid life in front him...

The he heard Harry's deep voice murmur to himself. "What can I do to make up to her?" He accused her of something that she never did. She would never forgive him!

Joey felt sorry for him as he said with hesitation, "Boss, it is hard to tell. Your girl is not an ordinary one! You really have to do something special this time." She was so hard to deal with!

Harry gave him a bitter smile. Joey was right about it. He had a lot of difficulties coming his way. What he needed right now was enough patience and a strong heart!

Two days later, Harry took Nicole to A Country. He brought her back to the Li family.

Later, Lola learned from Wendy that Jordan and Harry had a fight that day.

Nicole was then left at the Li family for a couple days as Harry went

lly put the question forward. "If mommy marries him, would you like to call him daddy?"

Nicole quickly shook her little head and refused right away. "No, I wouldn't. I already have a daddy. I don't want to call someone else as my daddy!"

Why would mommy marry Uncle Thomas anyway? Nicole had made up her mind that she would report this to her daddy secretly.

Lola sighed as her daughter would not comply. But there was nothing else she could do at this stage. "Fine, then. Let's go downstairs and have dinner."

That night, after taking a bath, Nicole requested to play some video games on Lola's phone. Lola agreed and downloaded some games for her.

Seeing her mother walk into the bathroom, Nicole quickly found a number on the phone and pressed the calling button.

As soon as Harry saw the caller's number, he knew it was his daughter. After all, Lola would never call him.

It was indeed Nicole! "Daddy!" Nicole's sweet voice spoke from the phone. Oh, how he missed that voice...

"Are you missing daddy already?" In the study, Harry put off his cigarette as he concentrated on his conversation with his daughter.

Due to the bruises on his face, he didn't go to the company at all. For days, he had been doing work at home. It has been kind of lonely.

"Daddy, something is up! Mommy is going to get married soon. She is going to find me a new daddy!" She lowered her voice and kept peeping at the bathroom. She feared that Lola would suddenly appear.

On hearing her words, Harry paused his thoughts. He was startled. Then he continued, "Do you know who she is going to marry?"

Nicole nodded and quickly gave away the name. "Thomas Herren. Do you know him, daddy?"

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