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   Chapter 317 Journey of Wining Lola Back

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"Fuck! Do you think I could just believe this right away? I saw it with my own eyes! My mother pointed at her before she died." Harry slammed the glass onto the wall. It fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

His mother hated Lola. But a dying woman would be honest, right? He knew his mother. She has a good heart, too.

"Stop quarreling, you guys. Harry, the first thing you need to do is to find out the truth as soon as possible. Start fresh with this matter and use your logic, not your emotions." Samuel tried to talk them out of fighting. As a lawyer, he was the known pacifist of the group.

Harry himself did not believe that Lola would kill someone, not to mention that the person who was murdered was her mother-in-law.

There must be something wrong. The truth must be found out soon. Otherwise, both Harry and Lola would be in great conflict with this.

Harry sat on a chair. He picked up a bottle of unopened white spirit, opened it, and poured it directly into his mouth.

Harry drank a half bottle of it and lighted a cigar, letting himself be intoxicated by the alcohol. His mind was playing crazy thoughts on him and he wanted to escape from it.

Eason dragged Chuck away and let him sit on the sofa.

It was quiet for a while as none of them spoke a single word.

Harry opened another bottle of spirit and handed it to Chuck. Chuck gratefully took it and started to drink.

"You'd better have no more illusions about Lola. There is only me in her heart. You won't win her. I guarantee that." Harry was not aware that he said this with a very arrogant tone.

But Chuck did. He continued drinking as if he was just drinking water.

He knew how Harry and Lola loved each other. So he has never showed his affection to Lola. Never ever. He just kept away from her. But he was really hard on himself when he was not able to protect her when she jumped off the hospital building.

The truth was if it won't be him who could win Lola's heart, he wished Thomas Herren will. Harry has been hurting her and he just wanted her to forget him. Why should she take the most difficult path?

Maybe she only accepted Harry as her lover.

Even Chuck himself had no idea if he really loved her.

They seldom met each other. He just occasionally saw her through the television. Because of her conflicts with Harry, Lola has become widely popular. Paparazzi has been all over her and she has been so popular in the soci

few days. Lola just stared blankly to waste away the time or went home early to play with her little nephew. That was her everyday routine.

At the SL Group in C Country

Harry was so busy recently that he couldn't even accompany Nicole for a good meal.

Someone was knocking the office's door. "Come in." Harry responded without lifting his head.

Joey came in with a mobile phone, "Boss." He wanted to say something but stopped and hesitated.

Harry looked up at him and said, "What happened?"

"I'm afraid you would be rather busy in the next few days." He spoke with a tone of caution.

Harry looked at the files piled up in front of him and said, "I'm already very busy. Just tell me."

"There's news from the people we have sent."

Hearing what Joey just said, Harry immediately put down the pen in his hand, raised his head and carefully observed Joey.

Joey has turned pale, and this put Harry on the alert.

"It's the truth." He has never been so nervous before because this could change his life.

Joey told him what he heard from the other side of the phone. "There is no monitor behind the hotel, and there were only small warehouses. But there is a housing development estate away from the hotel. Our people did a house to house and they found something."

So my journey of winning Lola back started.

"At first, all the people said that they only heard the shot but didn't see anyone. But when our people were about to give up, a junior high school student just came back from school. He said that he was reviewing for a test on the balcony of the house that day. He saw everything that happened."

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