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   Chapter 316 Why Would You Even Care About Other Women

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 9064

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He really hoped that there would be some kind of evidence to prove her innocence. He still had feelings for her and she's Nicole's mother. But so far, he got nothing...

She cast a scornful glance at him. "Wow. You'll apologize? Harry, even if there is evidence, I couldn't care less about you! You have caused too much pain for me."

How dare he talk to her like nothing happened? If he could ignore her feelings and cause her sufferings, why couldn't she do it to him, too?

Without giving him a chance to speak up, she continued hastily, "The day I clear my name will be the day I dump you for good. It will also be the day when I and Thomas tie the knot!"

She did not need his love. Love without trust will never be worth it! It didn't matter anymore. After all, she was not sure whether Harry was in love with her or not. It was too risky! Whatever! She sneered and rolled her eyes at him.

Harry was so pissed off that he pinched her chin. "Lola, you are reading too much into my words. Don't you ever think that you can run away from me in this life! I can do all things that can hurt you. Remember that." His tone was aggressive and demanding.

"Yuck! You, douchebag! You only want me because you have needs. What else do you want me for? To torture and hurt me? I am not your slave! Be ashamed of yourself!" She glared at him in anger. She would never forgive him for all the traumatic acts he did!

Harry then ended the conversation with the words, "Douchebag I may be, but I will be watching you until the end of your life!"


What an unreasonable asshole! Lola covered her head with the quilt to hide her utter frustration.

She wanted to rip the quilt to vent her anger but it was quite tough.

Eventually she calmed down and thought of falling asleep as she was very tired already. Just then, the door was opened by the house maid. She came in with a bag in her hands.

"Miss Li, Boss Si has asked you to change clothes as your daughter is already waiting for you downstairs. "

Lola was awakened by her words. The thought of seeing her daughter always got her so excited. She nodded to the maid and replied: "Sure, thank you."

Ten minutes later

Lola went downstairs and found Nicole waiting for her. The little girl was so delighted upon seeing her that she immediately leaped towards her.

"Mommy!" Her voice was full of joy and glee.

Lola caught her with open arms. The sight of her daughter put a smile back to her face. Nicole was really a stress reliever.

"Nicole, my dear child!" She embraced her warmly as they kissed each other lovingly.

Harry casually sat on the sofa as he watched her two girls.

The smiles on their faces really lit up the amb

till caught up in a heated fight.

They could do nothing but watch them roll on the ground with their fists flying all over the place.

They had been best friends for over a decade and now they were throwing punching towards each other because of a girl!

Eventually, the fight came to an end as they were both exhausted. Their faces looked horrible as blood was dripping down to their cheeks.

Harry didn't bear much of the brunt. Chuck ended up with more bruises.

He had a blacked eye on his heavily bruised face.

Harry moved towards the table, searching for more alcohol. He gulped down the remaining of his drink and threw back the empty glass heavily on the table. He was entirely out of control.

He thought that Lola has hooked up with his friend!

Sitting on the ground with his back against the sofa, Chuck opened his mouth provocatively again. "You'd better treat her well. Otherwise, she would leave you for good!"

Harry's anger was triggered more. On hearing the words, he dashed towards Chuck with full force. Eason and Samuel had to throw themselves in front of him to stop the madness.

"Harry, stop it! I will call Joey to get you home." Samuel took out his phone and dialed Joey's number.

Harry stood up from the ground and straightened his shirt. With a ferocious glare, he said to Chuck, "Forget about Lola! If you want women, I can send you dozens of beautiful girls. Even if you want to have international movie stars, I can send them to your bed. But as for Lola, Chuck, don't you even think about it!"

Chuck scornfully glared back and answered, "She almost died twice because of you. She even had a child with you. You are such an idiot to believe she is a murderer. How did you even become a business tycoon with such a dumb brain of yours! Man up, Harry!"

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