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   Chapter 315 Don't You Mind Doing Degrading Things Like This

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As she passed by him, she just looked straight ahead, pretending that she did not see him. But she was stopped by a voice of frustration, "Stop!"

She stopped expressionlessly. After all, this was his house. She has to abide by his rules. Beggars couldn't be choosers.

"Did I already permit you to go in?" He turned around and stood next to her, and felt even worse when he saw her staring blankly at him.

Lola repressed the inexplicable feelings in her heart and softly answered, "Mr. Si. Since you hate me that much, why did you even bother to meet me here?"

The man sniffed at her with disdain. "So? Do you mean I shouldn't be at my house? Nonsense!"

"I don't care about what you are thinking. I'm here to see my daughter and I'm not in the mood to talk to you." She kept on walking inside with her high heels tapping on the flooring loudly. Then she realized something. Shouldn't be Nicole at the school right now?

Looking behind her, Harry's face grew even darker. He followed her with just a few strides.

He grabbed her hand and pushed her to the pillar beside them. Then, despite her struggle, he successfully untied the white scarf around her neck.

He quickly tied her hands with it. "What the hell are you doing? Untie me! Let me go!" Lola stared at him desperately.

But he just ignored her. He took her by the arms and led her upstairs.

After the bedroom door was opened, Lola was pushed forcefully onto the floor. Her hands were tied so she was defenseless.

Fortunately, the floor was carpeted and she didn't get hurt.

Lola was so angry that she cursed, "Have you been into drugs since we have met last time? Have you gone crazy?" Speaking without thinking was always the weakness of Lola. She was really impulsive when it came to words.

Then, Harry took a scarf out of the cloakroom and tied her feet too.

She was lifted and pushed to the balcony...

Lola closed her eyes, tried to control her emotions and told herself not to be angry for he was not worth it.

When she opened her eyes again, she just looked at him with no emotions at all.

Looking at her expressionless face, Harry raised her chin and made her look at him

"What are you investigating about? I heard everything. Haven't you regarded me as the murderer since that very day?" Lola's cold ironic tone embarrassed Harry.

He turned back, took a well-ironed shirt from the wardrobe and put it on.

"Are you questioning me? What right do you have?" His voice sounded plain but his face expressed authority.

"Then what right do you have to say that you love me even if you didn't trust me?! That's not love!" Her voice was soft but desperate.

He slowly buttoned up his shirt and glanced at her. "I did give you trust before. But does it make sense that a dying woman will frame you up? Definitely not."

He took off his bath towel and threw it on the sofa in front of her.

Lola's calm face turned red and she averted her gaze at once.

"Harry, please just go and investigate! Then you will know the truth and you will be so ashamed of yourself! And I will never forgive you again!" She looked back at him and shouted the last sentence.

Then she left the cloakroom and sat down on the bed. Without her clothes, she couldn't go anywhere.

I would never forgive you! Harry should be in a panic and disappointment.

He tidied up his clothes and walked out slowly. He stood still at the side of the bed and faced her. Reassuring the lonely woman wrapped in the quilt, he said, "You'd better pray that I can find out the truth. And if you are wrongly accused, I'll apologize to you. You have my word."

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