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   Chapter 314 I Will Call Him

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She shook her head disapprovingly. She didn't care about anything. The man who once loved her deeply didn't even believe her anymore. What else could she expect from other people?

"Go on with your own business. I can go through this by myself." It would also be more complicated if he would drive her home every time. Harry might have eyes on her, even in here.

Thomas thought she said that because of anger and disappointment. He felt a lot of sympathy for Lola.

He held her in his arms. "Lola, I do believe you. You can trust me with anything."

Only then did Lola realize that he might have thought she was angry. "I'm not angry. It's not convenient for you to drive me home every time. I know you are busy."

He shook his head. "It's all right. I love you. I can do anything for you." If he could not do simple things like driving her home, what else could she expect him?

Lola agreed without further discussion.

Herren kissed her on her lips before taking her out.

Seeing the gentle side of his face, a sense of guilt rose in her. She didn't want Thomas to take this the wrong way.

Wasn't he the President before? She couldn't believe that he will be so sweet and romantic like this...

When she returned, the café business still made no progress. Joseph forwarded her micro blogs and WeChat moments. It worked a little. Joseph was very famous.

Leroy Manor

As soon as Harry came back home from the company, he was stopped by Nicole in the living room.

Nicole looked at him angrily. Harry thought for a moment and thought that he had not done anything to bother his little princess. He was so confused.

"Daddy, I do not like what you're doing!" Nicole was about to shout to her daddy.

Harry squatted down a bit, looked at her and asked softly, "What's wrong, Nicole?"

"I want to see my mom! If you don't want to see her here, then I will fly to my grandma's house alone!" Nicole was not afraid of Harry at all. If she succeeded this time, she would protest about this matter every day in the future!

On hearing this, Harry's eyes became cold. His daughter had the courage and guts of her mother. However, he still said, "Wait here please. I will invite her here. Don't worry about it."

Nicole happily shook her little butt in excitement and kissed Harry on the cheek. "I knew that Papa was the nice

t her parents eventually got the information.

"Mom, I won't be that stupid again." She had attempted to take her life away twice for him and she swore she would never do that again. He wasn't worth it...

Seeing her depressed face, Angie softened up and caressed Lola's hair. "Give me your phone." She had to call Harry today. She couldn't let him bully her daughter again.

Lola shook her head again. "Mom, please believe that I will make it clear with him today! Please do trust me." She would make it clear with that man today? What could she say to change his mind? Just tell him that she didn't shoot his mother? She had no evidences of it. She didn't even know when she had lost her gun!

But she couldn't have her mother call him. It could only just intensify the conflict between the two of them.

Angie was exasperated and desperately warned her daughter, "If you are more dead than alive again because of him, I'll go to C country to find him in his company. Mark my words!" Angie had gone to Lola in the company before. She could do it to Harry for her daughter too. Harry would not dare to ignore somebody like Angie Li.

Lola nodded obediently. However, she herself didn't believe that Harry would let her off the hook easily. She knew him well and she understood that Harry was a stubborn man. He always got everything he wanted.

Three hours later

As expected, right after Lola arrived at the mansion, Harry showed up at the gate with a gloomy face.

This was strange as he never did this before. Why was he stopping her at the gates?

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