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   Chapter 313 So Cruel

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Damn it. Harry was a man of principle when handling important matter, right? Then why couldn't he manage not to further humiliate and embarrass a woman like her?

Taking out her phone, she sent Thomas Herren a message through Wechat. With a bit of reluctance, she typed in: "Thomas, I am not good enough for you. Please just let me go! You deserve someone better!"

It was already late in the evening when Thomas saw her message. Playfully holding his phone, he fell in deep meditation and thought of what she really meant.

And then he pushed open the door of the bedroom she once slept in. It seemed that there was still her fragrance inside. He could still smell her sweet perfume in the air.

"Lola, if I propose to you and offer you marriage, will you say yes?" He sent a sincere message back to her.

As soon as she read it, Lola started to feel sad and anxious.

She would like to, but she was afraid that Harry would not let them go easily.

She answered honestly: "Harry won't spare me! He will punish me for it!"

As he saw the name of Harry on Lola's reply, he immediately understood what was going on. Clenching his fists in anger, he couldn't wait to kill Harry! He has gone too far!

"We will face all these difficulties together. I will always be by your side from now on."

Could she say yes?

It won't hurt to just try it out, right?


The next day, Lola met with Thomas in his place because he couldn't just show up in public places. His work in the government required him to keep a low profile.

Thomas proposed to her at a coffee shop, and Lola agreed with a smile on her face.

Cheers soon filled the small cafe. He put a ring on her finger and held her tightly in his arms.

Their relationship has become even deeper.

Under Herren's suggestion, Lola returned to Crown Province with him again.

When Harry knew that Thomas and Lola have been engaged, Lola has already been staying at Crown Province for three days.

And then Harry's phone rang. It was an unknown number. It was strange to have this call as he has made it a point to keep his private number confidential.

When he answered the phone, a man said, "Harry, let's have a talk. This is serious matter." Thomas Herren's calm voice passed through the phone.

Harry kept silent, and wondered if he was calling to talk about Lola. "It's not necessary. Don't waste your time." He directly refused.

Although Thomas was mad, he continued to say, "She is my fiancee right now. Can you just let her go and live her own life?"

Harry sneered. "Lol

la was furious and upset. Yet, she was so embarrassed to tell him this. "Nothing. You don't have to get involved in things between Harry and me. I will solve it as soon as possible. You don't have to worry about it." She must find a solution to this once and for all.

Finally, Thomas asked her, "What exactly happened on your wedding day?"

She stared at him in silence for a long time It was so long that he thought she wouldn't talk about it. Eventually, she opened her mouth and said, "Will you believe me if I tell you that I didn't kill his mother?"

Thomas looked at her seriously, then nodded. "I believe you!"

This answer didn't cheer her up, for the next question was the key one. She continued, "What if I say that his mother pointed at me before she died? It was like she was saying that I killed her."

Thomas Herren became even more silent, thinking over the fact that there were only Lola and Rose in the room at that time

Noticing his silence, Lola felt a little upset and disappointed. "Stop thinking. It's the truth. You can believe that I killed her. I have no way out of this." Even though she always had a way in saying words, she was unable to give a convincing explanation to defend her. That memory actually caused her trauma.

Looking at her frustrated expression, he patted her shoulders and said, "No, I believe you." He believed all what she said. That's how he trusts her. The reason Rose pointed at her may be because of their bad relationship and she wanted to torture her by this.

However, it was already late. She only cared about his first reaction. Yet, his first reaction was to question the truth of the whole thing. It didn't mean that he didn't trust her.

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