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   Chapter 312 Has Taken Control of Her Body

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7233

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Finally, the light yellow coat fell onto the ground.

Suddenly, her wrist was caught by a strong hand and she was dragged into the next room.

She instantly forgot the pain in her wrist when she saw the scene in the room. Except for a few more boxes, it looked exactly like before. It was like nothing has happened.

The photos were still there, and the piano was still in the middle of the room. But the "love declaration" in front of the French window has disappeared already.

He stared at her eyes, and pushed her closer and closer to the piano. He pinned himself against her back.

On the ground, she could see the that glass frame of the wedding photo was broken. It made her feel uncomfortable and sad. "Now that you have a fiancee, other women can't enter your bedroom anymore? We could have done this in a proper and cozy place!"

Even making love had to be done in this storage-like room.

"You deserve it!" He answered coldly, putting his hands on his belt.

"Am I that undeserving?" She turned her back on him with a sneer, and provoked him deliberately. "I killed your mother. Would you feel guilty about playing around with the a murderer, Mr. Si?"

What she said would only make him more angry and irritable. She knew that.

"So you make up for it! This will be how you say sorry to me!"

Then he slammed her hard on the piano.

It was getting dark. He opened the door and abruptly left. With arms covering her naked body, Lola sat hopelessly on the cold ground at the corner of the room.

She stared at the picture on the wall, and tears blurred her vision.

She didn't know how long it passed. The door was reopened and the man who had left came back carrying a handbag.

Seeing her in the corner, he felt a hint of irritation. Throwing the handbag in front of her, he slammed the door and left again.

There was a new set of clothes in the handbag. Her original clothes were already torn when he undressed her.

She stood up against the wall. She put on the suit, straightened her long hair and went out of the room.

She opened the door of the children's room. As expected, her little daughter was there!


are you getting better now?" Her voice was hoarse. She licked her dry lips, hoping to drink some water.

Nicole nodded and asked in a worried tone, "Mom, are you thirsty?" Mom's lips were so dry.

Lola nodded slightly. Nicole got down at once and fetched water for her.

Lola realized that she was put in Nicole's room without her knowing.

After drinking water, Lola felt much better.

She tried to get out of bed and played with her daughter all morning.

At noon, Harry sent her away after his daughter finished her lunch.

When she got home, Lola quietly went to her room and just slept through the rest of the day. She was that physically tired.

When she showed up at the dining table the next morning, everyone was startled to see her.

Lola held her little nephew in her arms lovingly, and told everyone that it was already late when she came back last night so she didn't bother them anymore.

After breakfast, Lola went to the hospital first and registered a gynecology number.

Then she went to the coffee shop and sat in a hanging basket, staring at the hospital bill.

Now, no one would reimburse her for her medical expenses.

Tearing off the invoice and throwing it into the trash can, Lola caressed her long hair irritably. She was going to be with Thomas Herren. That's the right choice.

But how could she promise to love him? She didn't feel anything for Thomas other than friendly love and care.

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