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   Chapter 311 There Won't be Any Connection Anymore

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Smoking Zone

Jordan was smoking a cigarette while looking at his brother playing mindlessly on the cellphone.

"Have you seen Harry recently?"

He was still worried about his sister.

They said his sister was a murderer! That's ridiculous. He wouldn't believe any of it.

Joseph just nodded once. He has seen Harry at his company once.

But at that time, Harry already had a woman with him. The matter between his sister and Harry was so complicated that he didn't want to go too far about it.

Jordan looked at Joseph's expression, and guessed that he barely talked with Harry before.

Whatsoever! He would not agree that his sister be with that cruel man in the future. He wanted to find some time to seriously talk to his sister to consider being with Thomas Herren.

They had spent time together in Crown Province for a month. They seemed to get along well.

Later on, the family welcomed a baby boy. Wendy has finally gone through labor. They were all immersed in the joy brought by the newborn baby.

Lola happily looked at her nephew, and this reminded her the time when Nicole was born.

The newborn was 3.4 kg heavy, and Nicole was 3.1 kg at birth. They were about the same!

The next day, the headline of the entertainment news reported that Harry and Cherry have already engaged in a private resort.

Many people kept silent about the third engagement of Harry. Although they wanted to discuss about it, they didn't dare to. But there were still many people who felt a lot of sympathy for him.

After all, they thought it was his former fiancee to be blamed. They were both too vicious. And for God's sake, their true intentions were revealed on the wedding day.

But nobody dared to say that Harry had a bad taste. If he really had bad taste, how could his business be so successful? Maybe he just had some bad luck in relationships.

Coming out from the infant room, Lola was uncomfortably quiet about the news she read from Weibo.

She rummaged the bank card which had his grand gifts of money, the proposal ring, as well as other things he gave to her. She packed them all together in one box.

She wanted a clean break-up. She wanted so bad to move on already. Their ties will be severed completely, and there won't be any connection anymore.

She sent the pack to the office of the SL Group through a delivery express company.

Harry was looking at the data of the two coffee stores in the A Co

s paths with him.

When Lola went to the backyard, the plane was already waiting for her for several minutes.

Lola slowly got on the plane and left.

In Leroy Manor, C Country

Two hours later, the plane landed on the grassy grounds of the manor.

The beautiful woman in light yellow coat got out of the plane and rushed to the mansion.

She didn't find anyone in the first floor, so she immediately went upstairs. Still, no one was there. It was strange.

She didn't know whether Nicole was at Harry's bedroom or in the children's room.

When she decided to go to the children's room to look for Nicole, the door of the study room was suddenly opened.

Harry, with a cigarette in his mouth, stepped in her way.

"I have told you and I hope you didn't forget. If you want to see Nicole, follow my wants first." He looked at the woman and said in a casual tone.

Lola cannot believe him. She was now very worried about her sick daughter, and he had the mood to ask her to do something else.

He already had a fiancee, and he was still thinking about messing up with another woman. What a bastard!

Ha! This man would not get what he selfishly wanted today.

"Harry, I'm now very worried about Nicole,. Please just kindly let me see her." She said in a cold voice.

Harry smoked the cigarette and spoke to her slowly, "Nicole is stable now. Her fever is already declining. I already sent someone to take care of her. You don't have to worry about her."

If only she would consent to his request, he would bring her to see her daughter.

Lola closed her eyes in anguish. His insults had gone too far.

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