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   Chapter 310 Wouldn't You Go Mad

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Ever since that day, Lola's cafe was in a steady decline.

Fortunately, she bought the property with full cash already so she did not need to pay rent to anyone. She only needed to worry about paying salaries to the staff on time.

At that moment, she was doing okay. She still had some savings from her work at SL Group. She also had money from him... when he paid her for the medical expenses.

Lola was able to use the money to pay the salaries of her crew.

Her business had been at a loss for two consecutive months. One day, Lola wearily came to the store. All the worries and anxieties have exhausted her.

She looked around and noticed that the first floor had four occupied tables, the best business within the last two months.

She would also notice a young man named Minmin Quan working tirelessly in the cafe. His diligence caught her attention.

She always saw him running around fetching stuff for the customers. When the cafe was not busy, he would do cleaning or simply just browse through the books on the shelves.

Lola observed him for days and found him very hardworking. He looked sincere and polite. Many customers even praised him for his outstanding service.

There was another female staff working in the cafe. She was a really young-looking girl. Lola specifically checked her ID and confirmed that she was already 21.

The girl was also hardworking. She even paid more attention to details than Minmin.

Lola paid 3000 to her staff as basic salary. With bonuses and incentives, they could earn more than 4000. Lola also provided meals and accommodation for her staff. The whole payment package was indeed very decent and reasonable.

Her staff were loyal to her despite the decline of the business. It was because their boss has taken care of them well.

Lola thought to herself that she should pay them another 1000 as extra bonus this month.

1000 might not be much to her as she lived a lavish life. Her single dress would easily cost more than 1000.

But for her staff, the sum equaled half a month of their work and maybe even one month's living cost.

Lola sat on the swing as she browsed through her Weibo updates. One picture posted by Cherry caught her attention. It was a lovely picture of a heart and a ring.

She did not tell who the ring was from. But underneath her post, a lot of people had sent their congratulations to her and Harry.

The ring was from a diamond brand belonging to the SL Group.

Lola had no doubt that Harry bought it for Cherry.

The ring reminded Lola of her own, the one Harry gave to her when he proposed. Even though they weren't together anymore, she had kept the ring in the bottom drawer of her room.

Just th

r her due to her situation.

She had to go for the C-section. It ended up in messy bleeding. Two hours after Nicole was born, the doctors were still trying to revive Lola in the emergency room.

The family were freaked out. They prayed for her, hoping she would survive the operation. Eventually, Lola was rescued by the doctors and safely sent to the ward so she could rest.

"Lola. Lillian come here and sit with me. Let me tell you how unfair he has been to me!" They laughed as they sat down next to her. The atmosphere in the room was really warm and full of glee.

Jordan decided to give them some space and walked outside for a smoke.

"Brother, Wendy will soon be in labor. How come you haven't quit smoking yet? It will be harmful for your child." On his way out, he heard Lola's voice.

Jordan nodded: "I try to! Don't judge me!" He was actually cutting down on his cigarettes. But he was doing it slowly and gradually.

Gazing at his back, Lola unconsciously thought of another man who smoked even more than her older brother. Thomas Herren, on the other hand, did not smoke much at all. He did not have any bad habits.

Jordan bumped into Joseph as he was stepping out of the ward. He said to him, "Let's go. Leave the room to the chatting women."

Joseph peeped inside through the glass panel and agreed to walk away with his brother.

The three women had a really close relationship with one another and were very good friends. Whenever they got a chance, they would gather up and talk for like forever.

Nothing would stop them from chatting. So the brothers decided to leave them so they could go to somewhere quiet and peaceful.

Inside the ward, the three women were having a heated discussion about child, birth and other related topics. It was all feminine and fun.

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