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   Chapter 309 Imprint a Kiss on His Lips

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Should I try to love this man?

Thomas Herren did not return until he bought the popcorn. Then, he held her hand and they walked to the ticket barrier.

This was the second time that they would watch a movie together. Thomas chose one that was starred by Joseph.

It was a good action movie.

They sat in the middle of the last row, waiting patiently for the movie to start.

"How was your life there? How was work?" It was the first time that Lola initiated to ask about his situation there.

He was surprised at this sweet gesture. He replied, "Everything was fine except that I was really busy." As for the treacherous things, it was unnecessary to tell her.

She slightly nodded and just continued eating the popcorn in the bucket.

"Could I go there with you this afternoon? Will that be possible?"


Lola saw the shock on Thomas Herren's face for the first time.

"You...... should not take it the wrong way, please. I just want to relax there for two days and to refresh myself." She explained to her shyly and wished that he did not expect too much.

Thomas shook his head and he was happy as long as she was with him.

"I would bring you with me. Don't worry about it."

After the movie ended, they had an early lunch.

Then, Lola returned home to pack her clothes and informed her family this news. After that, she boarded the plane to Crown Province with Thomas.

But Lola never imagined that she would stay there for a long time.

Thomas Herren's living place was offered by Crown Province. When Lola was there, he arranged for her to live in his own flat.

Since then, no matter how busy he was, he would always happily come back to the flat as long as he was not on a business trip.

Harry unintentionally knew that Lola had went to Crown Province with Thomas Herren. Joseph had received the news and relayed it to his boss.

At that time, Lola had been in Crown Province for a week and was having a good time in Kazza Lake. It offered really scenic views where it seemed like the water and the sky formed a straight line.

That night, Thomas picked her up to the flat in person.

Looking at her scruffy long hair because of playing, Thomas sweetly fixed it.

He caressed her hair and then drove back.

In the flat, Lola immediately took her shoes off and walked i

yle designs and a long signboard. It bore the word 'Dominator'.

Lola knew the meaning of this English word. It meant someone who controlled people and things.

The style and the signboard were obviously Harry's. She could sense it immediately.

Thinking of the man she saw just now, she understood what was happening.

Apart from Harry, no one would and could open a coffee shop in such a short time.

She checked the sales income the past few days and found that it was the usual the day before yesterday. However, her coffee shop's sales suffered a disastrous decline after the shop across them opened yesterday.

What did he want to point out by doing this? A business tycoon in C country suddenly operated a coffee shop on the opposite of her shop in A country.

She heard that their price was the lowest in the industry and they also had a menu of many flavors. Was he aiming to kill her business?

Standing in front of the window with her hands clenched, Lola saw that more and more customers entered Harry's shop. It was as if Lola's cafe did not exist.

After over 20 minutes, Joey pushed the door of the coffee shop open, and was followed by an expressionless man.

Joey also opened the door of Maybach parked just along the road for his boss. He bent his head and waist and then got on the car.

The car window was half-opened. Lola could clearly saw his expression. He just glanced at the location where she stood with cold eyes. He was obviously looking at her.

He opened his mouth, said two words and slowly drove away.

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