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Lola curled up at the back seat for half an hour before she went back to the driver's seat. As soon as she got comfortable in the seat, she drove away quickly.

She felt all kinds of pain everywhere on her body. That monster was so cruel!

She was so much in pain...

She finally arrived home and bumped into Lillian who was walking downstairs to fetch some water.

Lillian curiously looked at Lola. She saw that her face was pale and sorrowful.

"What's the matter, sister? What happened?" She put down her glass and embraced Lola.

Lola waved her hand immediately and reassured her, "I'm okay. I will go the upstairs. I'm just kind of tired." She felt that her ears was swollen because of his bite. She didn't want it to be noticed by anyone.

So she tried her best to hide it and then went upstairs.

Looking at her back, Lillian felt that Lola was acting very strange. She asked, "Sister, did your leg ache again? You shouldn't exert too much weight on it." She called out to Lola, who was already in the middle of the stairs.

Lola was moved by her concern. She turned her head and replied, "I'm okay. I just went to see Nicole... I was probably a little excited and emotional." Lillian understood why she was like this when she heard about Nicole.

She just nodded and answered, "Then have a good rest." The poor mother and daughter... they missed each other so much but could not see each other. She has pestered Harry about this matter. She suddenly felt so guilty.

Watching Lola disappear into the hall, Lillian decided in her mind that she would always take care of her in the future.

But Lola was sleepless and restless that night. She was troubled and anxious as to whether she could see Nicole tomorrow or not. If she went to see Nicole, she would be caught up again with Harry.

Which she didn't want. She was growing tired of that man... She really didn't want this. She thought that Harry has gone too far this time.

A few years ago, the lack of faith and trust between them led to the divorce. Then she left.

Four years later after the divorce, it was still because of his lack of trust that led to her ruined wedding day.

Right there and then, she decided not to go to see Nicole, because she can't see Harry anymore.

But Nicole needed to see her real mother too. How can she get rid of Harry?

On the early morning the next day, Lola went to the hospital first to get some medicine. Then, she went to her coffee shop.

The store has already started decorating the interior. She has hired a pr

rare opportunity for Thomas Herren to have time to relax and he didn't want to pass the chance by.

They walked out the coffee shop together and they went inside Herren's car.

Just across the store, a foreman was taking photos of the half finished facade room from different angles. He would send them to the boss later.

He captured a picture of a woman getting on the car of a man by chance. He thought of deleting it later.

Then he took several more photos of the renovating store, and totally forgot about deleting the unrelated picture.

He directly sent the pictures to Joey, who simply glanced over the first few pictures and then sent them to Harry.

Harry examined the pictures closely from the beginning to the end. When it came to the last picture, his hands immediately froze.

The picture captured the majestic early spring, and a charming woman in pink coat and white trousers was going inside the a man's Benz.

Beside the Benz stood Thomas Herren in a casual suit. The sunglasses failed to cover his gentle and sweet gaze at the woman.

He tightened his grip on the mouse of the computer, feeling so unhappy.

Lola wanted to be with Thomas Herren?

She was dreaming!

Had she truly loved him when they were together before?

If she really loved him, why was she so ignorant of him?

At the Cinema

Lola looked at the cinema front, then stared at the man beside her.

Thomas Herren nodded in approval and said, "Wait for me here. I'm going to buy the tickets."

Then he walked to the ticket counter.

Looking at his back, Lola lowered her head and thought about something. She was really caught in a dilemma. She didn't know what to feel anymore.

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