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   Chapter 307 Every Memory I Have of You

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7761

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After visiting her daughter for an hour or so, Lola realized that she had to leave. But she really wanted to accompany this lovely girl. She was at crossroads with this.

But at that very moment, the door was suddenly opened.

A tall man with a dark blue coat went inside the room.

Lola and Nicole looked at him with a surprised expression, while Harry just stared at them with silence and indifference.

Looking at Lola, he thought to himself, "I have gave her one hour for visiting my daughter. Why is she still here? She should even be thankful to me."

Lola instantly became sad and heartbroken. This was the man she once loved. She gave her daughter kisses on both sides of her cheeks and said goodbye to her.

After doing these, she put on her hat and glasses, and made her way to the door.

"Miss Li", he called her. He was neither friendly nor warm. His voice was very cold and indifferent.

Lola was stunned. She didn't imagine Harry saying her name again. She didn't look back nor talk to him.

"Well, I mean, you should stay away from my daughter. Do you know what I'll do if you don't obey me?" Lola was so hurt by the tone of his voice.

She tried to ease her emotions and strode to the door in silence.

But he just stared at her and then blocked her way out.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Lola said softly. She just wished she could get out of here as fast as she can. She didn't want to spend time with this man who has hurt her again and again.

She felt sorry? It was exactly kind of ironic that she said sorry. Harry gritted his teeth and suppressed his anger.

"If you try to visit my daughter again without my permission, Miss Li, I will accuse you of murder. You know I could." He said in a threatening voice. This was just a reminder that the woman in front of him had killed his mother.

The mood in the room immediately became heated. Nicole didn't want her father fighting with her mother. So she frantically grabbed Harry's leg, "Don't blame my mommy please. I want to see her because I miss her so much. Don't be angry." Nicole cried out.

Harry calmed down when he saw her daughter's lovely face.

Then he took Nicole in his arms, and went further inside.

Then Lola opened the door and ran out before the man came back.

She didn't stop running until she reached the el

still enchanted with him? Do I still love him?" She asked herself.

"You want to hit me?" He shouted with anger. Then he tried to do something that made her so terrified.

He pulled Lola to him and pushed her into the car.

"Damn it, let me go, you sick bastard!" She cried out. Lola struggled and tried to kick and hit him. She took him as a vent for her fear and her anger.

What did he want? Did he want to rape her? Or strangle her?

But he was so angry that he grasped both of her hands and tore up her coat.

"Get away from me..." Lola tried to say something. But she ended with a groan as Harry suddenly kissed her lips.


After few more hours, the door of the car was opened. But it was locked immediately with a loud slam.

He put on his coat, and quickly went inside the hotel.

Lola laid on the seat of the car. She was frightened and ashamed. Tears filled her eyes.

She trembled and hurriedly put on her clothes, thinking about the last words of the man she once loved: "If you want to see Nicole, you must sleep with me!"

So she could meet Nicole if she pleased him?

Should she thank him for forgiving her, for not minding his hatred of killing his mother. Should she also thank him for his generosity? Lola pondered about this inside the car. How ironic!

She sneered uncomfortably. It is not surprising that the man has a very keen interest in sex.

He slept with someone who had killed his mother!

"Harry, you sick bastard! Shame on you!" Lola said to herself as her knees started to tremble.

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