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   Chapter 306 Never Possible

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Harry made his way over to the chair and sat on it. As he gazed into the distance, he noticed that the thin ice had already formed on top of the ocean.

His mind was full of her. He even memorized the way she smiled and the way she frowned. He even thought about how cute she looked when she was mad at him...

He slammed his fists so hard on the window that the bullet-proof glass moved a little.

Lola Li, how could you hurt me so much? How could you do this? Now he felt hundred times more hurt than that time when she was not around in those four years!

What a mean woman! What kind of spell had she cast on him that he was now suffering in great agony?

She made him suffer like this! He wouldn't let it be easy for her as well!

It was the night before the Chinese New Year's Eve. Lola was now able to walk on her own for a few steps.

Wendy and Lillian were busy helping Angie making traditional dumplings in the kitchen. The two women have been trying so hard to move around because of their baby bumps.

Lola stood on the second floor, staring at her cellphone screen aimlessly. The picture with Nicole and Cherry on the phone hurt her eyes and heart. They were smiling happily together on the picture. Cherry had posted it on Weibo.

Lola had been reading Cherry's Weibo. Through this, she was able to get hold of her daughter's updates.

From numerous tabloids, she could also read about how Cherry and Harry went to parties and banquets shoulder to shoulder. They were already a sweet couple.

The papers were reporting that the two would soon tie the knot. Harry was about to marry the daughter of Mayor Jiao.

Some of the papers even published reports about when Cherry stayed overnight at Harry's mansion. One of the paparazzi even took a picture of her leaving the property. It seemed that everything was real, not something made-up.

Lola also found a place close to home to open a small cafe. The cafe was cozy and decent.

She had paid all the necessary funds and planned to refurbish the store as soon as the Chinese Spring Festival was over.

She cast a quick glance at the card lying on the table. It was a gift money from Harry. The total sum was a shocking 666.66 million.

However, she never touched a penny of it. Lola was trying to figure out a way to give back the money to him.

She hoped to give it back when she saw Nicole or Cherry next time. That was her only opportunity.

This was the first time that the Li family celebrated the Chinese New Year without Nicole. The mood was not as joyful and festive as before. They could not deny that Nicole w

Lola wrapped herself in a black long winter coat. She also had a hat and a pair of sunglasses on her head so that nobody could recognize her.

She learned from Nicole that they were staying at that hotel for the first night.

Without any hesitation, Lola quickly headed to the hotel.

She was already half-way there when Nicole called her again. "Mommy, come here quickly! Daddy went out."

Harry was away? That's strange... Lola frowned: "How could he leave you alone in the hotel room?"

"No mommy. The nanny is with me. I will send her away when you arrive." Nicole spoke to her in a very low voice.

Lola quickly ended the call and raced to the hotel. She was so excited at the thought of seeing Nicole soon!

As soon as she was in front of the hotel, she called Nicole again to confirm. Nicole sent the nanny away as agreed and left the door slightly open for Lola.

Lola lowered the brim of her hat and looked around vigilantly. She did not see any men around so she walked straight into the hotel.

A SSC supercar was parked right in front of the hotel. Inside the car, a man squinted at Lola's back as she stepped into the hotel. He saw everything coming.

Lola eventually located the room with the help of Nicole's directions. The moment she pushed open the door, Nicole excitedly jumped into her arms.


"Oh, my baby!" Lola held her girl tightly against her chest. She kissed her face with love.

She sat down on the sofa with Nicole on her lap. The two started chatting and laughing nonstop.

Nicole told her that she would be staying here for three days. Tomorrow, they would return to the villa and stay there.

They agreed to meet up again tomorrow as soon as Harry go out for a banquet.

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