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   Chapter 305 Have a Fresh Start

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The warm sunshine splendidly shone on them, putting them in such majestic scene. The picture was so warm and sweet that it seemed as if they were a real family of three.

This scene reddened the eyes of the man who kept smoking at the windowsill just nearby.

Lola, how did it feel to lose your loved one? How did it feel to miss someone who you could not see anymore?

"Nicole, mommy's so happy to see you again. When you go back, do listen to your daddy and obey him always. When you grow up, come and find mommy. Okay? I'll be waiting for you." She caressed her daughter's little face lovingly and said those sad words.

Nicole nodded but did not fully understand everything. When she grew up and could make money by herself, she would come and find her mother and be with her forever.

The time they spent together was so short. It was just less than ten minutes before Harry had lost his patience.

He coldly glanced at Cherry next to him and she immediately went to the garden.

He must still love that woman. She could see it in his eyes. If not, why did he have to take Nicole here on purpose?

"Nicole." She stood where Nicole had fallen down and softly called the girl's name.

It was the second time that Cherry had met Thomas Herren. The first time was at the birthday party of her grandmother. They nodded to each other politely.

When she saw Cherry, Lola knew that it was time to say goodbye to Nicole. She held her daughter tightly to her chest. "Nicole, call mommy when you are free." Then she read her phone number to Nicole for several times in hopes that she would memorize it.

Nicole was very clever. She had already memorized it when Lola read it twice to her.

Lola kissed her daughter on the forehead and Nicole did the same to her mom.

Nicole was about to cry and reluctantly parted from her mother.

Looking at her daughter's back, Lola told herself not to cry. Nicole would be safe with her father. Why should she cry? She didn't have anything to worry about.

The man next to her crouched down again. Looking in her direction, he saw that Nicole had finally e

r what had she said that forced Lola to kill her?

He believed in Lola, but how could his mom tell a lie before she died? She would not lie anymore. It's of no use.

Besides, there were only the two of them in that room and his mom couldn't go so far as to say that she killed herself.

He had sent the gun to be verified and it did have Lola's fingerprints on it.

So the question came back again. What had Rose done that caused Lola to be crazy enough to kill her?

Or maybe Lola had always been an evil woman and she hid this personality from everyone?

That was impossible. He believed in his own instincts that Lola was not a vicious woman.

It annoyed him that he was even thinking of this problem. Harry took the spirit bottle from the bar and served himself a full glass.

Bottoms up.

He refilled the glass again and again.

The alcohol was beginning to paralyze his brain.

He unconsciously went out of the study and opened the door of the room which no one was allowed to enter.

The room was still full of her personal belongings. There were her clothes, cosmetics, handbags and shoes. And there were also their wedding photos. The balcony deck chair where they had held each other for thousands of times was still intact.

He put the hanging chair in front of the French window especially for her and she had only sat there once. Harry felt a deep longing in his heart.

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