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   Chapter 304 Fell Down to the Ground

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Vera Han, the daughter of Mr. Han, was so happy to see Lola that she talked a little bit more with her.

And when she knew her husband and Lola once worked in the same company, she regretted about not being able to meet Joshua earlier in her life.

She really liked Lola, even if she knew that Lola had long been out of the entertainment circle.

"Excuse me, Mr. Herren, Miss Li and Mrs. Li. We will be proposing a toast to the next table. Please forgive us for being a bad host, and enjoy your meal!" After saying those beautiful words with a proud and triumphant look, Mr. Han proceeded to take his daughter and son-in-law to another table.

Lola wanted to go to the bathroom so she gently whispered to Thomas, "Excuse me, I'd like to go out for a while."

Thomas wasn't keen of letting her go. He was kind of afraid that she might go to Harry. "Where are you going? I will take you there."

Lola blushed, and answered, "No, thank you. Lillian will be there for me. I'll be right back."

Looking at her blushing face, Thomas seemed to understand her point. "Well, take care. I'll stay here." He said to her tenderly.

Lillian helped Lola towards the bathroom in the corner of the hall, and tried not to attract attention from the people. Yet, there were still quite a few who whispered to one another behind their back when they passed by.

In the bathroom

Lola painfully moved herself from the wheelchair to the stool. Then, Lillian pushed the wheelchair outside and closed the door.

Lillian waited for her outside. A few minutes later, Lola called to her and she came in.

With Lillian's help, Lola managed to sit back in the wheelchair.

Her left leg was much better now, but she still couldn't make walk without a crutch or a wheelchair.

Outside the bathroom, Lola accidentally saw the back garden of the hotel.

"Lillian, I'd like to stay in the garden for a while. Will that be okay?"

"Sure, Lola. Take your time." Then, Lillian slowly wheeled her up to the garden.

As two women passed by and saw Lola, they pointed at her and said something.

"What a vicious woman she is to kill her fiance's mother! How dare she have the guts to even come here?"

"Undoubtedly, she must have no sense of shame! She should be embarrassed of herself!"

At the corner of the corridor, a man was smoking a cigarette in secret. He was indifferently listening to all these.

He g

made her first step.

Yet on her second step, she fell down to the ground as well.

As there was grass at this side, she didn't feel much pain.

However, Nicole fell on the gravel road. This made Lola feel extremely bad.

So she couldn't wait for Thomas to lift her up. She pushed him to Nicole's way. "Go check Nicole!" For heaven's sake! Nicole must be all right! She hoped she didn't injure her legs...

Nevertheless, Thomas still lifted her into her wheelchair first, then picked the little girl up. Nicole was already on the ground.

Nicole was actually suffering from great pain, yet she managed to hold back her tears.

Seeing mommy looking at her, she knew that she was already heartbroken. If mommy saw her crying, it would break mommy's heart even more.

Thomas carried Nicole in front of Lola and then sweetly put her into Lola's arms.

As if carrying a treasure, Lola held her daughter proudly in her arms, whom she had been longing for dozens of days and nights.

"Mommy, don't cry! Please!" Nicole sweetly wiped Lola's tears away, and then put her arms around her mom's neck tightly.

Thomas could tell that Lola probably hadn't seen her daughter for quite a long time. He immediately felt really sad.

That guy was indeed heartless. Though he knew that this woman and her daughter would miss each other deeply, he still stopped them from seeing each other. Did he really love her? Otherwise, how could he be so hard on her?

Standing behind Lola, Thomas patted her on the shoulder and comforted her gently. "Don't cry. Isn't it a happy thing to see your daughter?"

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