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   Chapter 303 The Special Lady

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Neglecting the people's bewildered looks, Joshua offered her a chair and said, "You're welcome. It's my definite pleasure." Lola had helped him when he was treated unjustly last time in the company. This was a way for him to pay her back.

As the wheelchair was as high as the chair, Lola just stayed on her wheelchair.

Lillian sat beside her and helped Joshua put the chair away.

"I know you're busy tonight. Thank you for your help! Don't worry, Lillian is here!" Lola reassured Joshua.

As there were so many guests that day, Joshua politely nodded and left.

After Joshua made his way out, Lola noticed that many people was looking at her. She didn't mind them and had a cup of tea and enjoyed looking at the elegant decorations of the wedding ceremony.

It's about to begin but Nicole was still not here. Lola began to worry because she really wanted to see her daughter today.

Would she still see Nicole here today?

It's already 10:50, just ten minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony.

Just then, a group of handsome and beautiful people entered the hall, attracting everybody's attention.

A handsome man dressed in a handmade dark blue suit and a pair of black sophisticated Italian leather shoes, a lady with a rose red woolen dress and a lovely child in the middle of them.

That's Nicole!

Nicole seemed to have grown taller after 2 months. Her hair was longer and was tied into a cute bun.

She was wearing a pink jacket and a pair of white boots.

That's her Nicole, her baby, her sweetheart.. The one she gave birth to after 9 difficult months.

Lola was about to cry. Her baby, who she could hug and play with before was so distant to her now.

She and her father had shown up in public with another lady.

No one cared who was her real mother. They only knew that Nicole's father was Harry Si, the most powerful businessman in the country.

Lillian gave her a tissue paper which she used to wipe her tears.

She decided to ignore them and say goodbye to the past.

Maybe it was already enough for h

was so heartless that she had tried to kill her mother-in-law. Nobody should care about her!"


Hearing the people's gossips, Harry expressionlessly looked at the wine in the glass and pretended to hear nothing.

Cherry had also heard all that. She turned to see Harry's reaction but found that he kept a poker face.

Didn't Harry love Lola anymore? Really?

But, no matter whether he loved her or not, it's none of her business now.

Because no man would love a person who had killed someone.

"Nicole, do you want some cheese corn?" Cherry sweetly asked the child beside her. Nicole was so cute that she was so fond of her. She would be very kind to her even though she was not her real daughter.

Nicole nodded but said nothing.

During that time, Nicole seemed to be normal and was in her usual self. But Harry had felt that his daughter had become very silent. She had never been like this before.

Recently, she always wanted to sleep in her bedroom alone.

Maybe she was angry because he didn't allow her mother to see her!

Cherry took a spoonful of corn for Nicole. Seeing that, Harry thought deeply.

He remembered that long before, Lola had also fed him corn in the mansion.

Harry closed his eyes, leaned on the chair and touched the watch on his left wrist. Cherry noticed his strange behavior and wondered what he was thinking about.

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