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   Chapter 302 A Pair of Sisters

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A touch of anguish flashed through his eyes.

It was just like yesterday when he was picturing out a beautiful blueprint for their life together. He didn't know why it ended like this.

He remembered saying, "Lola, I love you."

And she would always answer, "Harry, I love you so much that it pains my heart."

But a moment passed and everything changed. He recalled saying, "From now on, the ties between us will be severed forever."

Even she would not back down and said to him before she jumped off, "Whether I will be alive or dead, I will not appear in front of you forever."

So, probably the ties between them were severed once and for all because of Rose's death.

He twitched his fingers. But he eventually left the ward without even touching her.

Just as he came here silently, he left without a single trace.

After seven days, Lola finally woke up from the coma. If she was still unconscious, Jordan and his brother really didn't know how to explain to their mother and father who will fly out here soon.

Jordan immediately decided to transfer her to another hospital. They went back to A Country the day after Lola woke up.

Lola, looked at her brothers beside the bed, knowing that she went back to life again.

Why didn't she die? She was frustrated. Why would she stay in this world just to suffer all the tortures and pain it offered?

Her eyes became red with tears. She didn't say anything and followed her brothers to A Country.

She did not go to the Chengyang Private Hospital. She found another hospital near her house and stayed there for treatment.

Everything went well every day except the fact that she missed her daughter so much.

The only change was that she became more silent, sometimes even quieter than Jordan. She has become so emotionless.

Every day, she was either playing the cellphone mindlessly or just sitting on the wheelchair and watching the scenery at the park.

She got all the news about the world outside from her cellphone. She didn't dare go out to public places.

She also received the news about Nicole's birthday just on her cellphone. It was reported online that Harry had held a grand birthday party in a five-star hotel to celebrate his daughter's fourth birthday.

The daughter of the mayor, Cherry, was invited. The gossip and rumors also came out immediately that Harry and Cherry's wedding day was already drawing near.

As a matter of fact, many gossipers, while hating Lola and Yolanda, also fe

s clad in a green coat. She got thinner these past two months. Her eyes were not as bright and clear as they were before. It gave people the impression that Lola had been depressed.

"Miss... Li?" The voice halted Lola and Lillian. She realized that Joshua was actually greeting the guests at the gate of the hotel. He was dressed formally in a suit and there was a brooch bearing the word 'bridegroom' on his chest.

... Joshua was the son-in-law of President Han? Lola was extremely surprised.

It was not long since she saw him last time. Now, he would be married to the daughter of Mr. Han!

"You... Congratulations, Joshua! I'm so happy for you!" Lola had intended to ask him about his marriage, but finally she just offered her congratulations.

Joshua nodded shyly, "How are you doing lately, Miss Li? I have missed talking to you." He had heard about the issues and conflicts of Lola. He heard that she had failed to commit a suicide after killing a person. He had also heard that she became paralyzed.

It turned out that it was true as he saw her on the wheelchair.

Lola smiled in bitterness, "Except my legs, I'm all well." She pointed to her legs while smiling lightly.

"Have you recovered?"

"Yes. I think I'm better now." She tried her best to speak with a light and casual tone. After all, today was supposed to be a happy day for the couple. She should not spoil the atmosphere.

Joshua nodded at her and Lillian. "Here, let me help you!" He took over the handle of the wheelchair and pushed Lola into the hotel.

"Thank you. I'm really sorry for the trouble." Lola felt a little ashamed. She was not used to these gestures.

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