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   Chapter 301 Enough is Enough

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Lola was really doing this? Had she gone crazy? Harry remembered clearly that Chengyang Private Hospital had 32 floors.

He knew that Lola had a fear of heights. She must be determined to take her life, or else she wouldn't go there.

Harry hung up the phone and abruptly left the office. He was so worried.

When he arrived at the Chengyang Private Hospital, he saw that the gate of the hospital was already crowded. People were talking about something, and the firefighters had already laid an air cushion.

He immediately looked up and saw Lola sitting on the edge of the roof.

He didn't want to lose Lola again. Not like this. Feeling worried, scared and angry, he ran into the hospital. There's no time to even think about his feelings.

When he reached the top of the building, Lola had stood up and stretched her arms to breathe some fresh air.

Even if she didn't jump down by herself, it was very likely that she would fall.

Joseph tried to persuade her but his voice was already trembling. "Lola, it's very stupid of you to give up your family for a man! You still have Nicole. If you jump down, Nicole will lose her mommy. You're still concerned of your daughter, right?"

What Joseph said made Harry so sad. He realized that he had been too hard on Lola. He walked a few steps forward and stopped.

"Lola Li." He said with caution.

Lola looked back at him. Her eyes felt empty and blank. It was as if she was looking at someone she didn't know.

"Enough is enough." His voice depressed her even more.

With a bright smile, Lola answered, "Harry, you should be working in the company right now. What brings you here? Do you want to witness my death? Or do you have something else in mind?"

Lola no longer looked at him and went a few steps forward, startling the three men.

Harry couldn't bear to see her bright smile. It was really strange and eerie. "Stand still there. I will take Nicole here. Wait for me." He had to make a sacrifice. His love for Lola was unwavering.

Lola looked at him in disdain. "No need. I feel relieved to have my daughter taken care of by you and Cherry. I am already contented with that. You're a good daddy. I do

fractured. He didn't want to further upset her.

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief and went to sleep after eating a little.

However, Jordan still decided to keep his family in the dark for the time being. As soon as Lola came to her senses and got better, he would transfer her immediately to A Country.

Then he would tell his family. With this, his family, especially his grandfather, would not be so worried.

After Lola's wedding was ruined, none of them could sleep sound anymore. Therefore, to free them from worry, he had to keep them in the dark even if he had to lie about it.

However, the public didn't know that Lola shot Rose dead, her wedding was ruined and she jumped off from the building. They had been successful in preventing the media to cover these unfortunate events.

Only he had the power to hide such news from the public.

On the third day after Lola fell in a coma, her indicators gradually became stable. She was transferred to the senior ward.

That night

With the help of the nurses, Jordan didn't need to stay up late to take care of Lola. He went to the next ward to rest. It was already past one in the midnight.

Soon after he left, a noble man clad in a black woolen coat appeared outside the ward.

He wore sunglasses to cover his tired and swollen eyes.

Standing outside the ward for a while, he smoked a cigarette before he walked into the ward.

He saw Lola lying on the bed, still in a coma.

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