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   Chapter 300 Topmost Floor of the Hospital

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Lola didn't easily give up. She got up again and continued to beg Harry.

But when she stood up, she saw nothing but mere darkness. With that, she fainted and collapsed on the floor.

When Lola woke up, she was on a hospital bed yet again.

She saw Joseph sitting by her side. Chuck was giving her a physical examination.

When she saw Chuck, she thought of Harry at once. Lola suddenly sat up from the bed and forcefully removed the IV on her arm. She ran out without her shoes.

Both men in the ward were startled and quickly ran after her.

When they came out, Lola had already passed through the crowd of the corridor and went inside the elevator.

When Joseph reached the elevator, he saw that the floor number at the top of the elevator door was rapidly increasing. He became so worried and immediately had a really bad feeling about it.

He went to the other elevator and pressed the button repeatedly. He waited anxiously.

Chuck felt his veins about to pop out when he saw the topmost floor number displaying on the elevator screen.

32! That's the topmost floor of the hospital!

Joseph's face was almost white with impatience. Seeing that, Chuck dialed a number.

"She's on the top floor now. I don't know what she intends to do. We can't get to the top floor right now since the elevator hasn't come down yet." This was the sixth floor. Climbing the stairs would cost a lot of time. They had to wait.

There was a minute of silence on the other end of the phone and the receiver said, "It's none of my business!"

Chuck hung up speechlessly. At this point, the elevator finally arrived.

Joseph drove all the other people out of the elevator. They hurriedly went to the top floor.

When they arrived at the top floor, Joseph's mouth gaped in fear when he saw what was happening in front of him.

Lola was sitting on the edge of the building, waggling her feet and looking blankly at the sky.

"Sister..." Joseph called to Lola with a trembling voice, "Never take problems this way. There are better things ahead of us."

Lola smiled happily. It was really weird. "Joseph, you are here."

But all she was picturing out was Harry.

The way he looked, the words he said, the things he did to her, how he loved her, how he cared for her...

She smiled and then cried. Her heart was broken to pieces. Shattered. It

We'll by some stuff for my future child." She tried to sound casual about it.

Lola laughed. She remembered all her joyful experiences with Wendy.

However, she had been accustomed to the touch of Harry and his sweet words. What could be the meaning of her life without Harry and Nicole in the future? There's no sense in living a life anymore.

"Wendy, take good care of grandpa and mom and dad. Thank you for everything."

The phone was suddenly hung up. Wendy's hand shook with fear, and the phone fell onto the floor. She was trembling.

Jordan held her immediately. He sensed her worry. "What's the matter?"

She looked blankly at the man in front of her, "Lola, she.... She might kill herself! We have to do something! We have to go to C Country quickly!" She shouldn't have come back here. If she hadn't, Lola would not end up like this.

Jordan's face turned pale. But he could not be in panic now. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Harry, I beg you. Say something to my sister." He almost choked at the end of his sentence. He couldn't bear to lose her sister again.

Sitting in the office, Harry just listened to Jordan's words with his eyes closed. She must be in a bad situation.

Then he dialed the phone of Chuck and asked coldly, "What's happening?"

She would always get him to trouble. She would never learn to behave herself!

Chuck explained the truth, "We had called the police already. But she is still on the edge of the roof. Although she seems very calm, she has become so weird. She won't let us approach her."

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