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   Chapter 299 Get Her Out of Here

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As he was still sitting inside the car, Jordan sadly looked at her sister.

Half an hour later, Jordan got off the car and dragged Lola. She still hadn't given up so he pulled her into the car.

"Brother, leave me alone. You go back first." Harry loved her so much, so he must be willing to listen to her explanation!

She frantically tried to get off from the car.

Jordan quickly locked the door, as he couldn't allow himself to see his sister begging that man. He had too much of this.

"Brother, let go of me! Please." Unable to open the door, Lola was already in a panic.

Without looking at his sister, Jordan drove off from the mansion.

On the way back, Lola became so quiet. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her seat, covered by gloom and despair.

When they arrived at the hospital, only Harold and Joseph were left there. Angie went to the hotel with the two pregnant women. They needed to take some rest as too much stress would eventually spell danger for their health.

Noticing that Lola seemed like she had lost her soul, the two men knew that nothing good happened in their trip to the manor.

Three days later

Except for Joseph and Lola, everyone had returned to A Country.

When Lola was discharged from the hospital, she opted to stay in a hotel first. With the curtains drawn, she stayed in the room all day, without eating nor drinking. She rarely did anything and would always stare blankly at the ceiling.

For the sake of Lola, Joseph asked for a week of leave from work to take care of her. When Lola figured everything out, he would send her back to A Country.

What annoyed Joseph the most was that she didn't eat nor drink.

But because of his constant persuasion, Lola finally ate some hot meal to warm her aching stomach.

At the seventh day after Rose's death, her mourning hall was to be held at the old house.

Changing into a black dress, Lola let Joseph take her there.

The weather was really gloomy. It felt like it was going to rain at any time of the day.

Lots of people came here to pay their deep respect for Rose, and they were all surprised to see Lola.

With Joseph on her side, Lola went toward the mourning hall with a bouquet of white chrysanthemum in her arm.

At the mourning hall

There was a characte

anxiously dragged him.

"Give back my child!" She wanted nothing more in this world but to be with her daughter every single day of her life.

Harry gave her a sarcastic laugh and answered, "Lola, you let me have the experience of being separated from my mother forever. Well, then I will let you know how it feels when you can never see your daughter again!" After this, he powerfully got rid of her hand.

Failing to keep her balance, Lola painfully fell on the ground.

"Daddy, I want Mommy! Let me go!" Nicole cried and struggled in Harry's arms when she saw her mom fall on the ground. She cried harder while she was pounding Harry's chest endlessly.

Harry held Nicole steady and looked at Lola with so much hatred. He warned he, "Lola, I warned you already. Don't show up in C Country again!"

Joseph was waiting outside when he heard the noise and felt that something was wrong. As he went into the mourning hall, he happened to see that Lola was pushed to the ground by Harry.

"Sister!" He ran to Lola with just a few strides and helped her stand up.

"Uncle! Uncle!" Nicole was naive to think that Joseph could save the day and stop the security from taking her mother away.

Lola stood up, and rushed toward Harry like crazy.

She pushed him with all the strength she can muster and Harry was forced back a half step.

He angrily pulled the woman away, preventing her to take his daughter away. He pushed her to the ground once again.

"Mommy!" Nicole cried heavily and her screams echoed in the hall.

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