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   Chapter 298 The Ties Between Us Will be Severed Forever

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"Lola, I know you hated her. But you don't have to do this. Why did you kill my mother?" He looked at the love of his life. His heart was broken into pieces.

Jordan immediately came over and stood in front of Lola, "Harry, don't be mistaken by what you see! It's impossible that my sister would be capable of doing this!"

But he also saw that Rose has identified Lola and pointed at her. He also heard that Rose had always hated Lola. He was so confused and didn't know what to believe in.

Harry shifted his teary eyes from Jordan to the ground and picked up the weapon.

He went beside Lola and shouted like he has never shouted before, "Lola, you tell them. Isn't this weapon a gift I sent to you?"

Regardless of the pain on her wrist, Lola nodded blankly. All the people were stunned. Unbelievable.

Then Lola immediately shook her head. She looked at the discouraged man with tears and wanted to explain everything to him. But the trauma has frozen her and no words came out of her mouth.

Kevin also looked at Lola in great disappointment. He should have trusted his wife. No wonder why his wife hated this woman so much. Lola Li was a malicious woman!

"Lola, I know you didn't like her. But about this matter, we will do the right thing!"

Lola's mind was still in an empty space. "Harry, I didn't, I didn't..." She looked at Harry beside her and started to defend herself.

Harry closed his eyes in great agony. When he finally opened his eyes, there was the frightening coldness in them.

He threw Lola's hands away violently, and suddenly lifted the weapon. He pointed the weapon at Lola before someone could react.

"Bang!" Another gunshot. Before Jordan could have reacted, Harry already shot Lola's shoulder.

Angie was screaming and lifted her collapsing daughter with Jordan's help.

Then, Harry coldly threw the weapon on the ground. "Lola, from now on, the ties between us will be severed forever. I will not avenge my mother's death on you, but you will never see Nicole again. Never!"

Let her taste the bitterness of mother parting from her child forever.

After he finished saying these, Harry walked towards the door. Regardless of the flaring pain on her shoulder, Lola re

"Mom! Get off me! I just want to see Harry." She wanted to explain to Harry that she did not kill Rose!

She was too emotional and out of control. Everyone failed to calm her, and considering there was a wound on her shoulder, they did not want to use force. They were afraid that they might hurt her more.

At last, Jordan had no choice but to drive her to the Leroy Manor. He couldn't leave her like this.

In the Mansion

The helper had arranged everything to go back to their original place. Harry was telling stories to Nicole when his cellphone rang.

It was from the safeguard of the gate, "Mr. Si... Miss Li is at the gate. She wants to see you." Looking at Lola who was in pain in front of him, Tom reported to his boss. This was not easy for him.

Harry answered in a cold voice, "Tell her that I'm busy!" Then he ended the call and continued to tell stories to his daughter.

When the cellphone rang again, Nicole had already fallen asleep.

He took the cellphone to the study room and put it through angrily, "Get out of here!"

"Harry, it's me!" He could hear her sobbing at the other end of the line.

Harry tightened his grip on the phone and hung it up without hesitation. Then he directly turned it off.

He took the cigarette box from the table and lit a cigarette.

Lola dialed the number again and again, reluctant to give up. But what she received was only the voice prompt. "Sorry! The number you dialed is unavailable at the moment."

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