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   Chapter 297 Her Life was Already on the Edge of the Cliff

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7532

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Harry looked quite pleased. With the cute Nicole playing around, the atmosphere was really filled with joy.

After dinner, Harry arranged cars to send the family back to the villa. He himself drove Lola and Nicole back.

After arriving at the destination, Harry kissed Lola once again and was reluctant to drive away. He would miss her so much. Without her for even one night would be too much...

The next day

Lola woke up to have her makeup on very early in the morning, and it was just past eight when she finally changed into the wedding dress.

The pregnant Wendy stood next to her, looking around with delight.

"Lola, you two can finally get married. After everything that happened, it has finally come to this." Wendy was really happy for her. The two of them had been entangled for more than four years, and they went through so many struggles since then.

Lola tries to repress the unsettling feeling. Why was she so restless right now? Was it because she was really going to be a bride today?

At 9 in the morning

Harry took the lead with his SSC red super-runner and a fleet of 30 sport luxury sedans following him.

The scene was very spectacular and unique. After a lot of thinking and lots of red envelopes being given out, the door of the bride's bedroom finally opened.

Harry took Lola to their bedroom in the manor first.

The large bedroom was decorated in a very festive motif.

Originally clad in black and white, the sheets were all covered in red at the moment. There were "happiness" paper cuttings on the door and the wall and some colored ribbons on the ceiling.

Their wedding photos were also decorated with red roses. It seemed like every corner was filled with joy and love.

At 12 noon

The joy of love was in every heart of all the people here. Harry and Kevin were welcoming quests at the door. But at least two-thirds of the guests had not come today.

However, it did not depress Harry. The wedding was just a part of the process. What's more important was the two people who loved each other were finally together.

However, the scene made Rose unhappy. She went to the restroom to find Lola and express her dissatisfaction.

In the hotel's restroom

Lola was letting the makeup ar

ook Rose. The she opened her eyes slowly with her last breath.

"Rose, you are awake!" Kevin was so relieved, and Harry quickly came to his mother's side.

As long as Rose was fine, he was willing not to investigate who the suspect was...

"Who did this to you?! Who?" Kevin forcefully asked her.

However, Rose just looked at the direction of Lola with so much hatred. She was too uncomfortable to say a word. She could only raise her finger slowly and pointed at Lola's direction.

When Rose pointed at her, Lola was standing by the window and her eyes widened in disbelief.


The whole world seemed to be in silence, and everyone's attention were concentrated on Lola.

Kevin shouted her name. He couldn't believe it either. "Lola Li!" How could it be possible? How could he believe that? Lola can't do anything like this!

Rose moved her head a little as it seemed she wanted to say more. However, her life was already on the edge of the cliff.

As both shots directly hit her heart, she didn't stand any chance. She closed her eyes forever, failing to say her last words.

"Rose!" "Rose Mu!!!" Kevin shouted her name hysterically. However, Rose didn't react anymore as her heart stopped beating.

Harry's eyes turned red.

How could he believe that his wife had killed his mother on his wedding day?

He had trusted her. However, the gun on the ground and her mother's personal recognition forced him to face a harsh reality.

His beloved woman killed his mother.

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