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   Chapter 296 The Wedding was Cancelled

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He just had something important to tell her. Harry took out a pistol from the car and cautiously handed it over to Lola.

"Starting today, always put this in whatever car you want to drive to protect yourself."

Lola didn't refuse it and took the heavy pistol. She knew that Harry was just concerned of her safety. After she got off the car, she went to the garage and put it in the white sports car.

She could not guarantee that Yolanda would not come and hurt her again someday. She needed to be extra careful.

By the way, did he really intend to let Yolanda off the hook? It was such a happy moment for her that she forgot to think about it.

"Do you want to just let her go like that?"

Harry frowned. "How could that be possible! Of course not." Under his pressure and influence, no entertainment company would sign her. Her acting career was already over.

Her family was going bankrupt, too. "I won't let her off. I'll do whatever I can to make her life miserable." He patted her hand and reassured her.

How could he let off the one who had hurt his child and his wife?

He only wanted her life to be more tragic.

In the Mo Family

Yolanda fled back home. After a shower, she took out her cell phone. All day long, she was lost in her thoughts.

Now, not a trick could work against Harry Si anymore. Lola Li was not easy to fool, too.

Yolanda came across a photo in her social media account and it showed an invitation letter of Harry's wedding. She suddenly burst out with hatred.

It read that Harry Si and Lola Li's wedding would be held in a five-star hotel owned by the SL Group on November 9.

She held her cell phone tightly and closed her eyes in agony. She remembered how Lola humiliated her tonight and how her supposed-to-be wedding with Harry was completely destroyed.

Then she dialed a phone number, promised to give a large amount of money and began to plan for her next step of revenge.

On November 8

Harry took Lola to the wedding site to speak with the host for tomorrow's wedding proceedings.

The huge ground floor of the hotel was no longer available for visitors. All the tables and chairs were covered with white and purple designs.

Both sides of the

status to their wedding.

It seemed that Rose had not just simply spread a news that the wedding was cancelled.

It was more likely that she had contacted them one by one. That was how desperate she was.

"If Rose sabotages the wedding again tomorrow, I'll take you abroad so we can get married there." He planned for the worst. And for Rose, he would not forgive her. A true loving mother would not do this to her son.

"Well, forget about it. We are going to pick up mother and father soon. Cheer up!" She tried to lighten up the mood, but Harry still saw the sadness in her eyes.

Harry's private plane had flown to A Country for hours now and was expected to arrive soon.

Starting the car, they went to Harry's another villa.

It took only 10 minutes or so to get there, as it was not that far from the mansion.

Because Lola was going to get married here, it had been well-decorated and cleaned up.

"I'll put up with it and let you stay here tonight. From tomorrow on, you'll be mine!" Harry lovingly held her by the waist and led her upstairs.

Lola burst into laughter and gave him a gentle twist on his hips, "Be serious."

Every room upstairs had been cleaned up and everything was ready for check-in.

In the afternoon, all relatives from the Li family had arrived, including Carl and Lola's grandparents.

That evening, Harry took them to the fancy restaurant he reserved and had a family reunion dinner. They were all very happy and excited!

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