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   Chapter 294 Honey, You Decide

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As she was just a few steps from Harry, a woman with long beautiful hair stood beside Harry in an obvious hurry.

Somebody took the initiative for her so she just thought that she did not have to help Harry anymore.

Lola went back to her seat. More freshly barbecued food arrived on the table, and she took them to her plate and ate with such relish.

Samuel and Chuck looked at each other in confusion. "Lola, didn't you see that a woman was approaching Harry? Hey, look! Another woman came over! Wouldn't you do something about it?"

Really, the two women were both walking around Harry. It was like they were flirting with him.

But she also saw that Harry had totally ignored them. She trusted him, anyway. "Do you think Harry will have an eye on those wild flowers? Definitely not."

If it were Yolanda who had come over, maybe she would be jealous and she would intervene quickly.

After all, she was Harry's former fiancee. There was a strict rule for that.

Hearing this, Samuel instantly smiled. He had heard from Joey that this couple were really weird partners. It seemed really true!

At that very moment, Joey had gone somewhere before he eventually came back to the table.

He sat on Eason's seat and began to eat the barbecues.

"Joey, your boss is surrounded by four women right now. Don't you want to share those ladies with him?" Samuel teased Joey.

Joey glanced at Lola. She was still very calm. "Our Mrs. Si is still motionless, so that means I don't have to go there."

Yeah, Lola was actually little strange tonight. Why was she not jealous about all these? Joey took a glance at Lola again. He was very puzzled at how calm she looked.

Harry was holding a plate and came toward them. "Hey, get a taste of this meat. It's very delicious!"

Harry took a skewer and let Lola eat a mouthful of it.

Lola took a bite of it and smiled. She nodded her head after chewing it. This was excellent meat! So delicious! She was so lucky that she would be marrying an all-around Harry.

Samuel and the other people were dumbfounded by this really affectionate couple. Then Joey got the meat skewer and ate it.

All the meat skewers grilled by Harry were eaten up in just mere seconds.

Another barbecue chef put down a pl

r breath.

"What does it have to do with me? I don't care at all." His voice was very cold when he said this. But his eyes were full of affection as he picked up the scallop and put it into Lola's mouth.

"Harry!" Yolanda's voice was now in great sorrow. Harry still didn't care to even look at her.

Lola was unhappy and was getting impatient. She sneered relentlessly, "Yolanda, do you think it's interesting to pretend that you are the abused woman here? We all know that that's not true."

Yolanda ignored her. Seeing that Harry did not have the slightest intention to speak to her, she filled the glass again with alcohol.

"Harry, I know I have made horrible mistakes before. If you still don't forgive me, then today, I will drink to death here."

Hearing this, Lola was in a fury. She pounded on the table and stood up, "Yolanda, who do you think you're threatening!"

Then she grabbed her glass and poured all the wine on her face.

Compared with all the bad things Yolanda had done to her, this was just a drop in the bucket.

So, regardless of other people's look and the screaming of the embarrassed Yolanda, Lola dragged her wrist and went toward the handrail.

The two pulled and pushed each other, as everyone gathered closer to watch the scene.

Harry sat motionlessly on his seat and picked the meat out of the scallop for Lola.

Then Lola said, "Yolanda, four years ago, you said that I wanted to push you into the sea. I will show everyone what you said means then."

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