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   Chapter 293 Princes of Barbecue

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6980

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There were already a dozen people in the private booth when they arrived.

The words, "Happy birthday to Eason Bo!", were printed on a banner that was pinned on the wall. She knew that today was Eason's birthday. But she didn't know that she and Harry were coming so she was not able to buy a gift.

Some boys were about to whistle when they saw Lola, but they didn't do that because Harry was on her side.

"Welcome Mr. Si and Mrs. Si!" Eason was very happy that they had come and gave Harry a big welcome hug.

Then Harry pushed him away, distancing a mere one meter from him.

Eason didn't care at all. He stretched out his right hand to Lola, "Dear Lola, shall we dance? It's my birthday, anyway."

Harry, who was standing beside them, became expressionless. He dragged Eason by the collar and threw him onto the sofa before Lola could even say anything.

Everyone laughed and Joey started to heckle them, "Mr. Bo, how dare you flirt with Mrs. Si? And right in front of Harry, too!"

Joey was sitting together with Samuel and the other guys. Lola wondered why Joey was always with them.

How could a special assistant and those rich boys always play together? Joey seemed like he was more than just a special assistant...

"What are you thinking about? Come here." Harry held Lola's hand and they sat down in a corner.

He took out an article from his pocket and threw it to Eason.

"Your birthday gift! You're welcome!"

Eason opened it immediately and looked at him happily, "Good buddy! Thanks, man!" He was about to give him a hug again.

Harry quickly stretched out his foot to stop Eason, "Well, stop it!"

Eason immediately froze and was only about two centimeters away from his shoe. Then he looked at him disdainfully, "I just want a hug. I don't even hug other people. Just give this poor man a big hug!"

"So, you really like Harry, huh?" Samuel asked to stir up another topic so that the atmosphere would lighten up a bit.

Lola felt comfortable. The guys in front of her were sworn godfathers of Nicole. They really had a good relationship wit

he grease stains on her mouth and replied, "Whatever. It's up to them."

Samuel gave Lola a thumbs up and said, "Good job! We will really get along well with each other!"

Eason poured her a little wine and said, "Lola, here's to you."

Harry gave a warning stare to Eason and said unhappily, "Lola is preparing for pregnancy. She can't drink wine. Do you understand?"


Hearing what Harry just said, Lola looked at him with wide open eyes. That was not funny at all!

Eason, Samuel and Chuck just looked at each other and showed meaningful smiles.

"No wonder Harry has quit smoking recently."

"So, we would not mess up their plans. I'll just drink this glass of wine. Cheers to me!" Eason bottomed out the wine in just a second.

Harry stood up and handed his suit coat to Lola. He stepped towards the barbecue grill.

Eason went to the other table to take care of his guests, leaving Samuel, Chuck and Lola at this table.

Yolanda had been taking full notice of Harry even when she was talking to other people. Her eyes were fixed on him. It was so lively in their table.

Samuel and Chuck were talking something about the law. Lola couldn't understand anything about it.

So she stood up and walked to the rails. It felt so relaxing when the breeze caresses her cheeks.

After relaxing for a while, Lola proceeded to the grills to help his future husband.

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