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   Chapter 292 I Only Want You

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"Take me out? Sent Nicole to the old house?

Where will he take me to?" Lola was lost in her thoughts. She went back to the bedroom, grabbed her phone and called Harry.

"Where are we going tonight? Why didn't you tell me about this?" She asked Harry as soon as she got through.

Harry smirked at her. "Samuel called. We'll have a get-together tonight. I'll take you there."


I see! I'll go get changed now. When will you come back?" While still talking to Harry over the phone, Lola made her way to the cloakroom.

"About half an hour. Get dressed and wait for me downstairs."

After hanging up the phone, Lola washed her face and put on a light makeup. She wore a white coat and a dark blue base skirt.

As she was just going downstairs, Harry was already going in the hall.

She looked at her wrist watch. 28 minutes had passed. Harry always came on time.

Seeing that Lola was still on the second floor, Harry stopped and waited for her.

Then Lola approached him. Harry extended his hand to her just like a noble prince who met his beloved princess.

Lola smiled sweetly and put her right hand on his. They walked outside hand in hand.

A red Maserati convertible was parked at the gate. Lola had never seen this car before. However, she didn't ask. Harry, a business tycoon, had everything one could ask for. She knew that there were still things that Harry owned that she had not seen yet.

He opened the passenger seat's door and let her in. He was a real gentleman tonight.

Then he returned to the driver's seat, fastened their seat belts, and drove away from the manor.

The Maserati eventually stopped at the seaside. There was a luxuriously decorated cruise ship waiting nearby.

When Harry took her hand and was about to board the cruise ship, Lola suddenly remembered what happened in D City a few years ago.

They once boarded a cruise ship and Yolanda framed her up. Harry mentioned that he pretended to be nice to her for the sake of the old pocket watch.

What about now?

At the thought of it, her

soul. Okay? I don't want to see women around you anymore."

Harry nodded, kissed her on the lips and swore, "Lola Li is my only wife for the rest of my life!"

Lola put her hands around his neck. "Harry Si is my only husband for the rest of my life too!" She anxiously replied, for fear that he would not know about her feelings.

Putting his hand around her waist, Harry answered in a serious tone, "I trust you."

They embraced each other as they walked by the shore. Harry wiped Lola's tears and gently reassured her.

After a while, Harry whispered something to Lola, and this made Lola blush in embarrassment.

Lola pounded on his chest and bit his arm in a joking manner.

Not far away from them, Yolanda saw them clearly. She came here to attend the birthday party of Eason.

She became so jealous. Harry was really expressionless, but Lola had changed him. Now, he was showy of his emotions.

He could be anxious and worried. He would also feel hurt and frown. He spoiled Lola tenderly!

Yolanda didn't expect that the cold Harry would turn out to be like this.

When they were together, he never treated her like that. What's wrong with her?

Harry and Lola embraced each other under the moonlight. The brilliance of their love enchanted the people around them.

Ignoring Harry's jokes, Lola calmed down and boarded the cruise ship with him.

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