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   Chapter 291 This was a Good Day

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There was no one in the office. Lola glanced around curiously and ended up looking at the lounge.

Was he inside? She better come in and find out.

Lola opened the door and walked inside. Still, no one was there.

Where was Harry? She was already becoming so nervous.

Suddenly, a man embraced her from behind. Her heart instantly jumped.

With the familiar smell, she knew that the man was Harry. She didn't have to look back.

After calming down a bit, she finally turned around to look at Harry. They both smiled lovingly, and said, "Since when did our Boss Si become so childlike? Be alert for someone may see this and make fun of you."

Then she stroked his beautiful face with her hands. His smile was too enchanting and inviting. She couldn't help but give in.

He lowered his head, kissed her red lips and said in a serious tone, "Those who will make fun of me will be fired. They're the ones in trouble, not me."

Lola giggled, and she pulled his tie closer to him. "Harry, from now on, you can only smile to me. To me only!"

Harry rejected the idea immediately, "No way."

Harry looked at Lola's pouted lips, touched her nose and said, "I have to smile at my little baby, too."

Lola understood. Fine, then. Fine. Fine. After all, that little baby was their daughter. "Okay then. But to us only, okay?"

Harry held her tightly in his arms, "Yes, my dearest wife. Your wish is my command."

"Let's go, Harry. Time to go home. There are things that we have to do."

"Yes, Miss Li. Coming!"

This was a good day. Lola's hearty laughter filled the room.

Lola hoped that every day would be like this.

After coming out of the office, Lola kept some distance from Harry. This was a professional workplace so she didn't want to be obviously affectionate. He then returned her an angry look and extended his arm.

Lola held his arm with a blush and whispered, "We are in the company. You need to keep a good and professional image." Their intimacy might reflect badly on him.

Harry suddenly turned around and looked at the staff in the secretary division. He also stared at them and asked, "What did you see? Did you see anything?"

Joey took the initiative to shake his head, then bowed down and politely replied, "Boss Si, we saw nothing. Nothing at all." He really

eak, "You really can't wait. I...."

But she couldn't complete the sentence. She was at a loss for words, and wasn't sure of the right words to say.

Harry's charisma entranced her. At this moment, he was even more mesmerizing with that charming smile on his handsome face.

Harry lifted her a bit on the table to make her eyes level with his.

He looked at the nervous Lola and asked temptingly, "What's wrong?"

Lola blushed in embarrassment. She can't deny that she was seduced again...

"We... We should get out of the room now." She stuttered, as she tried to avoid looking at his dark eyes.

What? Get out of here? Harry raised his eyebrow disapprovingly and took her to the French window.

"Is the sea beautiful?" He asked suddenly.

Lola, though confused, nodded, "It's quite pretty." The sea was clear, and free of any pollution. Indeed, it's mesmerizing.

"Then have a good look at it. Concentrate on the scenery." He turned her around, her back against him, and whispered sweetly to her ears.


"I'm not in the mood to look at it right now." She gently protested.

She heard the familiar sound of a belt being taken off. He said, "Too late." She was too much to resist. He can't control his urge.

Dinner time.

"Mrs. Du, where's Nicole? When will she be back home?" Lola walked downstairs while yawning and asked her. She was cleaning the house.

Mrs. Du instantly stopped what she was doing and smiled, "Young Master said he would take you out tonight, so he sent Nicole to the old house."

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