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   Chapter 290 You're Welcome to Supervise My Work at Anytime

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The other photos were her personal ones, including a selfie in his wallet that she gave to him 4 years ago and the photos she shared on her Weibo.

There were also pictures of her character, Pearl in the films and some photos taken when she participated in variety shows.


How did he get so many pictures of her? He even developed all these. These must be costly!

The other half of the wall was empty. He stopped her by putting his arms around her waist and followed her gaze. "This room will be our space for all the memories that we had. We can post our future pictures on this empty wall." Harry assured her.

The wedding photos would be delivered recently, and he had already told them to develop some small photos so that they can put them on the other wall.

She was suddenly teary-eyed when she saw this big surprise. Why did he always do such things? She was always moved by him. How could she not like him?

She turned around and threw herself into his arms. She cried out, "I don't like you anymore! How can you make me cry every day?"

Harry hugged the little restless girl. He just wanted her to be happy. He didn't mean to make her cry.

Lola was not as naughty as usual, and she said seriously, "Harry, I love you so much! You are in my heart of hearts! I hope you would not go off with another woman again!"

He looked at her lovingly and smiled. Although it took all afternoon, he was in a good mood since the surprise worked. He should thank Joey for this.

He added, "I know you like to travel and take pictures. Tomorrow, I'll ask some people to send several cameras from abroad, and make a shelf and some photo albums here."

He pointed to an empty place and had already ordered some people to make the shelf. They will be coming tomorrow to fix everything.

"I'll also ask them to bring a hanging chair here and put it in front of the French windows. When you're tired, you can just sit there and watch the scenery. This will be a place for your relaxation." He pointed to the French window. Out of the window was the boundless sea.

From this point of view, they could also see half of the garden.

He would also have maple trees planted on either side of the garden path. Every fall, he would walk with her under the maple tree. The leaves would be majestic.

He still remembered that she told him once that she dreamed to open a coffee shop. He said, "I bought a storefront place near the manor. The coffee shop

o him. She couldn't wait to see him again.

"Great! Come straight to my office. You're known here, anyway."

However, Lola remembered that she had gone to his office twice before, and he was accompanied by beautiful women every time!

"I think that's not a good idea. I'll just wait for you outside. I'm afraid that if I go straight in again, I'll be guilty of disturbing you. You know what I mean." The smell of jealousy was in the air.

Harry smiled at the thought of this. "My dear wife, you're welcome to supervise my work at any time! You're my boss!" She was the only woman that had sexual relationship with him, and she would be the only one forever.

It was such a great feeling to have her on his side. Lola smiled with satisfaction, "Wait, I'll be right there!"

"Drive slowly. I'm not in a hurry. Take care of yourself." Although she was a good driver, he couldn't help but worry about her safety.

"Don't worry!"

Lola sat in the car, then started the engine. She drove directly to the SL group office.

In SL Group

Even without saying a word, an usher immediately politely took her to the elevator.

That's it! Everyone knew her since she was the woman to whom Mr. Si has proposed.

She arrived at the 66th floor.

Joey saw that Lola was coming out of the elevator. He rushed towards her and said with an air of affection, "Come in, please, Mrs. Si. It's really good to see you!"

Lola was very happy to hear that he called her Mrs. Si. It seemed that time just went back four years ago and she was at D City. All the memories came back to her.

"Thank you!" She made her way to the CEO office happily.

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