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   Chapter 289 Let's Go Home

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"Where are you?" He asked his daughter in a comforting voice. He didn't want to upset Nicole. She was his only way to Lola.

Nicole realized that her mommy had not come out from the bathroom yet. "I don't know. Mommy said that we were at my uncle's." Actually, Nicole was really confused because she didn't see Joseph here.

Uncle? Maybe, Joseph?

"Did mom tell you when you were coming back here?"

"Yes. She told me that we would not go back tonight. We'll stay here." Lola opened the bathroom door and walked out with a towel wrapped over her body.

Then she found Nicole holding her phone. Oh, God! She might be answering the phone and telling everything to Harry.

She ran to grab the phone from Nicole's hand. Sure enough! It was Harry on the call! She was talking to her father.

She immediately hung up and held her daughter on her lap. "Nicole, what did you tell your papa?"

This little fool. She hoped that she had not told Harry where they were right now.

Nicole thought for a while and shook her head, "Daddy asked when we would go back." She could only remember the last sentence.

"Then what did you say?"

"I said we would not go back. You said that, right?" Her mom told her this, right?

Lola did not ask more. She went to another bedroom to get her clothes.

Lola took Nicole out for dinner and went back to Joseph's apartment afterwards.

She parked the car downstairs. When she was about to get her daughter off the car, a man came out from the dark alley.

He slowly came closer to her. Half of Lola's body was in the car preparing to hold her daughter. She could not see who was coming.

Then, a heavy and strong arm took her by the waist and lifted her out.

Just when Lola was about to scream, she inhaled a familiar smell.

Then she was held to his chest and sure enough it was him. How did he know where they were?

Nicole laughed secretly in the car when she saw her daddy holding her mommy.

"Sweetie." His deep, sensual voice rang sweetly in her ears. In an instant, Lola felt so seduced by Harry.

Imagine that the man you loved was extremely handsome, and called you sweetie with a sexy gentle voice. Wouldn't you feel dizzy? Wouldn't you be seduced?

"Hey! Let me go!" She twisted

cing her silence, he continued to say, "I love you, Lola Li!"

This man was really good at sweet words.

What else could she say when most of her anger had already went away.

"Close your eyes." He took her by the hand and went to the room beside them.

Lola looked at him doubtfully, but closed her eyes obediently.

The door was opened and she heard the sound of a pushing button.

"Open your eyes." She was surprised and shocked to see what was in front of her.

The huge room was empty except for a white piano in the middle. A line of candle-like lamps were lying on the piano, all glittering with faint red light.

There were also pictures of different sizes on the wallpaper. They were surrounded by colorful bulbs.

At that very moment, the room was lit up by the colorful bulbs instead of the headlamp.

Right in front of them, on the French windows, was a heart shaped by pink flashing bulbs that spelled, "I Love You My Lola."

She looked at the pictures carefully and found out that most of them were taken in Canada. There were pictures of landscapes, her selfies and his too.

On the other side, there were photos of them and Nicole. It was the day when they went to Echo Bay, in front of Li Manor.

Harry was cuddling Nicole in the picture and was holding her around her shoulders. And in one picture, Harry was leaning down and kissing her. From these angles, the only person who could take these pictures was Joseph. This was really a pleasant surprise.

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