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   Chapter 288 She Won't Come Home

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She could not bear it anymore. It was already becoming ridiculous. "Mr. Si, why can't I eat your sandwich? You already ate mine."

Seeing her father winking at her, Nicole chuckled.

The man didn't answer, and just continued to play with his daughter.

Trying to control the anger in her heart, Lola stood up and went upstairs.

Ten minutes later

Nicole was already going to school when she was surprised to see her mother standing on the stairs. She exaggerated her feelings and had her eyes open, "Wow! Woo! My mommy is so beautiful!"

Lola was wearing a blue cheongsam down to the knees, covered with the coat in the same tone and color.

A pair of five-centimeter white high heels were on her feet. She looked daring and sexy.

She tied her long hair in a bun on the top, put on exquisite makeups on the face, and applied carmine lipsticks.

She held an international brand bag and went downstairs gracefully. She had never looked so beautiful like this before.

Seeing this, Harry's eyes flared.

What was she doing? Was she really going out with the cheongsam on?

Holding her daughter's hand, Lola took out the keys of the car and went towards the door of the mansion.

"Stop!" The cold voice rang from the back of Lola, but she just stopped for a second then continued to walk out without hesitation.

Harry was too angry, as his face had turned pale in disgust.

Lola had gone wild! She was not only pulling a trick at him, but also wanted to start a cold war! What a brave woman!

Lola stopped the car at the parking lot of the school and carried Nicole out from the car.

The kindergarten was bustling with parents who were also sending their child to school. They normally only saw Harry, who was always wearing sunglasses, or the chauffeur. They were not used to seeing Lola Li.

It was the first time that they had seen such a beautiful young lady with Nicole. Before, nobody dared to come close to Harry, but today, many people went near to see the woman.

"Are you Nicole's mother? You're beautiful!" A girl whom Nicole often played with asked curiously.

Lola nodded with smile, "Yes, I am. Hello!"

The mother and the daughter went into the school together, "You are so beautiful. Your figure looked as if you never had children!

k you? Of course I know she's difficult to deal with!"


Joey looked at a distance. He was also trapped in a deadlock because of a woman.

But his boss had asked him, so he would do it right away. "Just force her!"

"Am I a dumb person?" The sarcastic and cold voice went through, sending Joey a shiver through his back.

He would rather not force her. But he preferred to gently console that woman.

"Then make her a surprise! Make it a grand one! Do you understand?" Joey has completely seen through that. Intellectually, Harry was really clever. But emotionally, he was weak in it.

A surprise? Harry thought about it for a while.

Then he immediately hang up the phone. Joey was startled and confused.

Would a surprise work on her?

Harry walked in circles in the bedroom and inadvertently saw the camera on the desk.

It was the camera which Lola had brought to Canada. If only he developed all the film and then...

Then Harry took the camera and quickly went out of the manor.

In the evening, Lola and Nicole still did not come back. Harry, who had been busy all afternoon, called Lola. She did not answer.

Then he called the school. The teacher answered politely.

"Mr. Si, Nicole was picked up by her mother after school. I don't know where they will go."

Hearing this, Harry continued to call Lola, and the phone finally went through.

"Daddy, it's me, Nicole." The lovely voice made Harry feel better. It was really a relief to know that his daughter was happy and safe.

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