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   Chapter 287 It is Better to Offend a Villain Than to Offend a Woman

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8206

Updated: 2018-07-20 11:25

Lola got it now! Today was Rose's birthday and Harry took their daughter to the old house to celebrate her future mother-in-law's birthday. But why was there another woman? And why wasn't she invited?

When she realized this, Lola's heart was broken into pieces again. She immediately hung up the phone call with her daughter and sat in the balcony. She was very disappointed with Harry.

Lola understood that the reason why she was not informed of Rose's birthday was that Rose disliked her.

Yet, how could she pretend not to care about the fact that Harry took their daughter to the old house and had dinner with another woman, not to mention driving her home after dinner?

When Harry returned to the old house, he found that his grandfather and Nicole were not in the living room. Meanwhile, Kevin and Rose were already quarreling with each other.

"You are such an unreasonable woman! I think you should mind your own business this time!"

After saying that, Kevin was about to go upstairs but happened to see his son just coming inside.

For a moment, words failed him. He had always been a man of many words. As parents, instead of reducing their son's burden, they always put him in trouble. He was ashamed and sorry for it.

When Rose saw his son, her anger cooled down a bit. "Harry, why are you back so early?" she asked. She remembered that Cherry actually lived far from here.

Harry gave her a glance, and just said nothing. He was so tired of this.

"What's the matter, father?"

Kevin sighed deeply, wondering how to explain the whole thing without hurting his son's feelings. At last, he finally replied, "Lola called just now, and Nicole was in your grandfather's room. You'd better take her home right now! Lola may have known what happened here."

If Lola was mad about this, they would totally understand. Only a crazy person wouldn't be angry at this.

Lola made a phone call? Having a bad feeling about it, Harry rushed to his grandfather's room.

Inside the room

Harry's grandfather was laughing and talking happily with Nicole when Harry appeared. "Daddy!" Nicole immediately ran into Harry's arms. She was that clingy to her father.

Judging from Harry's quickened pace, Harry's grandfather was aware that Harry must have known that Lola called.

Rising from his chair and looking at his grandson, the old man said, "Nicole could stay in the house tonight, so you can go back and explain everything t

ry was leaning on the wall with his bathrobe on. He had been waiting for several minutes before the bedroom door was finally opened.

Instantly, Harry held her hands and dragged her into his arms.

With a cold face, Lola ruthlessly got rid of his control and rushed downstairs with her daughter.

Looking at them going downstairs, Harry licked his lips and smirked.

At the table

When Harry got changed and came down for breakfast, Lola and Nicole had already finished half of their breakfast.

"Daddy! Come here!" Nicole greeted Harry excitedly while Lola was still casually eating her sandwich in the plate. She didn't look up even once.

When he saw that Lola did not even look up at him, Harry caressed the hair of his daughter and sat beside Lola.

Suddenly, Harry quickly grabbed the sandwich of which Lola was still eating and devoured it completely.

Yet, there was still no response from Lola, as she just wiped her mouth with a napkin and began to drink her milk.

Then Harry also grabbed the milk in her hand, and drank it completely, too.

Noticing that something was wrong, Mrs. Du held Harry's breakfast in her hands and looked at them in a very confused expression. She put the breakfast tray in front of Lola.

Since Lola was still kind of hungry, she took the new sandwich without any hesitations, and licked it intentionally before she took the first bite.


As he stared at Lola licking the sandwich, Harry's eyes widened in astonishment. His girl really knew how to counter!

Lola was eating gaily, but her sandwich was grabbed again. In an instant, it was already in Harry's mouth.

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