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   Chapter 286 Pretty Lady

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Harry angrily put the gift on the table and was about to leave the house with Nicole.

Rose stood up immediately and blocked her son's way. She won't let Harry ruin her plans tonight.

"Harry, today is my birthday. Are you going to just leave like this?" Rose was already heated up.

Harry coldly glanced at her. "Mrs. Si, you just let me down again."

At that very moment, the woman who had been hushed in silence, stood up and said in a soft voice, "Mr. Si, please calm down. I was actually the one who took the initiative to celebrate here tonight. If you are annoyed with my presence, I will leave now. I don't want to be the one who will be the cause of your arguments."

Rose looked at Cherry with admiration. What a nice woman she was!

Even so, Harry didn't look back at her at all. He just said faintly, "Miss Jiao, since you know that I am annoyed, please get out of here. Or my fiancee will get angry if she knew about this."

Cherry felt so embarrassed and bit her lower lip as she quickly walked away with her handbag.

"Mrs. Si, I'm sorry. I must go now."

But Rose stood her ground and stopped Cherry from leaving. Then she snapped at her son, "It is just a birthday. Why should you screw this up just because of that woman?"

"You brought this upon yourself. Not me." Harry retorted without any disregard to her mother's feelings.

Rose was out of breath in anger. Suddenly, she got an idea. She held her head as if she was dizzy and then fell to the ground.

"Mother!" Harry quickly caught his mother in his arms.

"Mrs. Si! Are you okay?" Cherry asked in an obvious worried tone.

Harry's grandfather and Kevin also rushed over in an instant.

"Rose! What's the matter with you?" Kevin became so scared when saw her wife collapse. She had never lost consciousness like this before.

Rose pretended to be very weak. This was all part of her scheme. "Oh, it's nothing. I just feel a little dizzy."

Harry lifted his mother and asked, "Didn't you have your regular check-up this month?" They had a private doctor in their house for her regular check-ups. It was done once a month.

"I did. Nothing was wrong in my body except my high blood pressure." The doctor actually said was that there were signs of high blood pressure and she should control her temper.

But she did not take serious considerations to i

"Mommy, I'm playing games on daddy's phone."

Oh, that was the case. Well, then. This little cute girl could answer a phone now. That was how advanced she was. "Honey, could you please hand the phone to daddy?" She was becoming so bored without the two of them.

"Mommy, daddy is not with me. He went to send a beautiful lady home!" Kevin wanted to stop Nicole, but Nicole had finished her words when he stepped in front of her. It was too late.

That was too bad!

"A beautiful lady? What do you mean?" Lola frowned and thought to herself, "Didn't they go to the old mansion for dinner?"

"Yes. Just the one we met at the mall that night. She even gave me a toy! She's so nice." Nicole answered her honestly.

The woman at the mall? That was the daughter of the mayor who was with Rose, right? "Well, I see. Where are you now?"

Repressing the anger and the sourness in her heart, she asked her daughter calmly.

But it was not easy for her to stay calm as she couldn't stop thinking that a woman was with Harry right now. And they were alone, too...

"Today is Grandma's birthday, I'm with my grandparents now. Are you coming over, mommy? I wish you would."

When he heard that Nicole had explained everything to Lola, Kevin was anxious that he wanted to take the phone away from his granddaughter's hands.

Rose was wondering how to let Lola know that Harry was sending Cherry home. She wanted Harry and Lola to break up again. Well, this was perfect! Nicole did well!

Today is Rose's birthday? Lola stood in a trance. Why did nobody tell her?

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