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   Chapter 285 Take Nicole to My Birthday

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Rose patted her hand to reassure her, and added, "It's OK. You still have a chance. You have me on your side. They haven't applied for documents to remarry yet."

They hadn't applied for remarriage yet? Well, then! It was still worth a shot.

As they finally made up their minds to pursue Harry, they went to other stores and continued shopping.

Cherry took the opportunity to buy Rose some clothes and cosmetics. Although Rose had no interest on these things, given that they were presented by the daughter-in-law she was fond of, she accepted them all with pleasure.

While staring at Harry, Lola guessed that what Rose did just now couldn't be just a mere introduction. She knew that Rose has a plan in her cruel mind.

Lola felt being threatened once again. She was so exhausted for there were always endless women that surround Harry.

What's more, they all had noble status. Yolanda, whose title was the International Queen and Bonnie, who was the eldest daughter of vice-mayor were her tight competitors for Harry's heart. Now, another woman appeared this evening--Cherry--a daughter of the mayor!

However, she still had to cheer herself up so she could deal with it. She knew that if she slacked off just a bit, she would be replaced by some other woman.

"Harry, do you know Miss Cherry?" She pretended to ask in a casual tone while she was looking at the children's shoes nearby.

Harry glanced at her and recalled the girl he just met. He immediately understood what she meant. He would not let anyone to replace Lola in his heart.

"Don't worry. I will only be with you in the future!" He said this directly, trying to reassure his future wife.

Yet, she was not convinced and replied, "I am not worried. I'm just wondering that since that girl was so pretty and she was the daughter of the mayor, how could you not know her?"

"It has nothing to do with me whether she was pretty or not. I even don't want to know the mayor, let alone his daughter. I just don't care at all." Harry simply answered. What he had said made Lola take another look of him. She wondered how could this man be so arrogant? Well, he was really an influential man.

Lola decided to let go of this question, thinking that as long as he loved her, nothing would be a problem! She would just trust him.

Lola held Nicole's hand while Harry carried big and small shop

e?" Her tone became gentle and soft. She resorted to begging him.

"Never mind. I would just go there early and come back early."

Harry hung up the phone, looking at it and pondering.

"Since mother didn't want her there, then I'd better not tell her about it. She will get upset, for sure."

Before dinner, Harry called Lola. "I am going to bring Nicole back to the old house. You have to eat dinner alone this time, okay?"

Did he mean that he and Nicole would have dinner at the old house? Well, it's okay. She also didn't want to meet Rose, anyway.

"All right. But please remember to come back early. I'll miss you."

Hanging up the phone, Harry felt very guilty. He thought that he had to make up for her and smooth away the misunderstanding between them.

He would never let Lola be wronged.

At the old house of Si family.

When Harry brought Nicole back to the old house, he felt the atmosphere was a little weird.

If not for the sake of Rose's birthday, Harry's grandfather would already have left.

And considering that there were guests, Kevin thought it was improper to get angry at his wife.

"Great grandfather, grandpa and grandma! I am back! Hello!" Before Nicole even stepped into the living room, her cute voice rang out in the room.

The lovely and energetic voice relieved the awkward situation in the living room.

Harry watched his daughter running into the living room, eyes full of love. But as soon as he figured out who the people were in the living room, he became very frustrated.

This was what Rose has intended to do!

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