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   Chapter 284 Current Fiancee

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Lola sweetly welcomed Harry as she was holding Nicole, "Hey, there's my husband!"

This made Harry very happy but also a little confused. She had not called him like that before. When he looked back at Lola's eyes, he got the message in an instant. Harry grinned.

Several young girls left in disappointment as they saw the beautiful lady call their idol 'husband'.

Nicole reached out her little hands to Harry when she saw him holding the ice cream cup.

Harry carried her daughter and gave the ice cream to her. With his other hand around Lola's shoulders, they walked happily.

The three were so beautiful that they won all the attention of the people around them.

Harry and Lola were so popular among them because they had been on TV for several times. People easily recognized them.

Their family photos were also uploaded online.

As the three were having ice cream together, their names were already on the Weibo top search again.

"Daddy, I want to have an ice cream again next time. Thank you for this!" Nicole licked her lips. How delicious an ice cream was!

"OK. Daddy will just buy an ice cream machine and make it for you by myself. Will that be better?" Now that his daughter loved to eat it, all he should do was to control how frequent she would eat it. Too much sweets would make her sick.

Lola took the arm of Harry and looked up at him. "Mr. Si, aren't you afraid that you may go bankrupt if you keep on doing this? You always buy expensive things for us." She said so on purpose. Even if he lost his job now, his property could actually afford him luxury living for centuries.

They entered the mall together. "For my wife and daughter, even spending all my money will be okay for me."

Lola was speechless again. When did he become so good at saying the right words?

The family went to the floor for the women's wear. Harry planned to buy some clothes for Lola that were like those for nurses and maids.

Lola didn't know what Harry was thinking about. She was busy with picking up beautiful dresses. Shopping always made her very happy.

"Go and try this, this and this..." Harry pointed to several clothes of diffe

dmit that she was really beautiful, too. But she did not mind to have a fair competition with her.

When Lola went out of the fitting room, Harry had already left the store with Nicole in his arms.

Rose and Cherry followed him too. At this moment, Rose was talking about something with Harry. Harry was in a bad mood.

Lola took the packages from the guide, thanked her and went out.

Lola held Harry's arm intimately, disregarding their talk. "Let's go! I want to buy something for you and Nicole."

Cherry saw happiness and sweetness in Lola's eyes. Harry responded with a rare tenderness. He wanted to show Rose and Cherry how much he love Lola.

"Yes, let's go now. Mother, you'd better go back home early if you do not have anything to do. Do not hang out." With these words, Harry left them with his arm around Lola's shoulders.

Rose couldn't catch her breath and coughed violently.

"What's wrong with you, auntie?" Cherry patted her back tenderly and with a tone of concern.

Rose waved her hand. After she took control of her breathing again, she held Cherry's hand. "Cherry, you have already seen that woman. I don't like her at all. If you like, I'll help you win Harry's heart."

Cherry was startled by her straightforward words. "The wedding of Mr. Si and Miss Li will be held in a month. I'm afraid that we don't have much time." Time was not sufficient. After the wedding, nothing could be changed any longer.

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