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   Chapter 283 A Loving Smile

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Rose decided to teach Lola a lesson when she came to the old house.

Although the next day was already Sunday, Harry still went to the company as the business became busier during the peak season.

Therefore, Lola drove to the old house alone. She was a bit nervous.

Instead of going to the company, Rose was also in the old house because she had to take care of Nicole.

Seeing Nicole running around the house, her great-grandfather laughed happily. Kevin was also in the company at that moment. Rose was tirelessly chasing after her. "My dear little Nicole, would you like to come to grandmother here so you could eat some fruits?"

"Nicole, my sweetheart, run slowly and please take care! You might trip and hurt yourself!" Rose looked at her granddaughter who was running fast. Her heart jumped at this as she was afraid that she would get hurt.

Lola pressed the doorbell of the old house and it was Rose that opened it.

After she saw Lola, Rose's happy expression immediately changed into a sour one.

"Auntie, I come to pick up Nicole. I'll take care of her for the time being." Then she handed Rose a bag and said, "This is the perfume I brought you from Canada. Would you like to have a look? It's really a popular brand." Lola looked at Rose with full of expectation.

Rose took the handbag from her hand with a grim face, walked outside then threw it into trash can without even giving a look at it.


Seeing this, Lola recalled the first time she saw Rose in D City a few years ago. The gift she sent to her had also been thrown away like this. Anger rose inside her.

Lola suppressed the uncomfortable feelings and thought of Harry, the man who cared about her. She remembered that she was doing this for Harry. Then, a smile reappeared on her face as she entered the living room.

"Mommy!" Nicole rushed over to her in a burst of excitement.

Lola immediately squatted down to catch her daughter, "Nicole, Mommy missed you so much! Did you miss me too?" Then she kissed her daughter's chubby cheeks time and time again.

Nicole held onto her mother's neck, "Mommy, I missed you too." She was so happy to finally see her mother! It has been a long time that she was away.

Lola walked in front of Senior Si, stopped and put Nicole down.

"Grandfather." She greeted the old man politely.

He looked at her with a smile, nodded and asked graciou

today, so you can't."

Nicole immediately pouted to show her dissatisfaction, "I just want to eat ice cream! Daddy! Please!" Nicole was so smart that she turned to ask Harry instead of Lola. She knew that her father would not be able to resist her.

...... Lola speechlessly looked at her daughter who were trying to please her father. "Harry, you cannot let her eat that. She might get sick."

Looking at his daughter's really cute face, Harry thought for a second and suggested, "How about this? Daddy will buy two ice-cream balls. One for you and one for me?" He always wanted to satisfy her daughter!

Nicole thought about it and nodded. She held Harry's neck and said quietly, "Daddy, we don't share it with mommy." Because mommy always stopped her from having the ice-cream!

Harry smiled and said something nice for his wife, "Mommy does not allow you to eat ice cream because it's really cold right now. It would be easy to get sick if you eat it. And if that happens, you won't get to play anymore!"

Nicole nodded as if she had understood. Then she looked at his mother's serious look and said, "Fine, then we can let her eat a little bit!"

Nicole's sweet voice forced Harry and Lola to burst into laughter.

Harry went to the ice cream shop, and Lola held Nicole as they waited for him.

Soon, Harry came out of the shop with several blushing girls following behind him.

.... This man was really good at attracting women and girls! Those girls looked like they were just 18 years old. And they were following a man like this? Oh, what had happened to the youth...

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