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   Chapter 282 Hit His Face

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"OK!OK! I'm much better now." She didn't let him know that she still did not feel well. He might ask her to eat something else if that was the case.

Harry heard that she felt better and was relieved. He put aside the soup, took his phone and dialed a number. "Deliver one year's supply of this kind of edible bird's nest to C Country. It should last for four or five times a week."


Lola had nothing to say on this very wealthy man. Wasn't it too exaggerated to eat this every day? She didn't even know if it had a side effect or something.

Harry also searched all the tonics that were good to women's health and called the manufacturers to have them delivered to the manor with the volume of one year or a half. Wow, he really knew how to take care of a woman. But...

Lola looked at him in horror and asked in disbelief, "Wait. Do you want to abandon me? If yes, say it! It seems like you won't be there for me for a whole year. And maybe those are for other women..." Thinking of this, she thought that her heart was going to be crushed again.

Harry immediately frowned on her words. Did he buy all these things for other women? "The other women do not deserve that kind of treatment. I would only do that for you." He said in a reassuring tone.

"Then, why do you do this to me? Do you know the only result of buying so many tonics?" She turned over herself helplessly and lay down on the bed.


"I'll become fatter. I believe that after one month, my weight will be doubled! That's the result!" She stared at him and Harry suddenly burst into laughter.

Oh, that was what she worried about. "Don't worry. As long as you do not be ill again, and even if you weigh 300 more pounds, I still want you. That will never change." He bent over, looking at her face directly.

She was moved by this sweet gesture. How happy she was right now... But this was just incredible. She couldn't believe what she just heard right now. All these feelings overwhelmed her. She lifted her head, moved closer to him, and asked him a naive question, "What if it is out of your control then I suddenly weigh four or five hundred pounds? I'll be ugly by then..."

He put his arms around her shoulders and gave her a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Is there any difference between 300 pounds and 500 pounds? If so, then let's change

be with this man and give her heart and soul.

She would take good care of her parents-in-law, even if her mother-in-law was not into her. Just for the sake of him, she would treat them well so that he would not be in crossroads.

He didn't like her being involved with other men, so she wouldn't get too close to any other man anymore.

He wanted to have children as lovely as Nicole, so she would agree to his request and give birth to eight or even ten children only for him.


Harry gently kissed away her tears. "Good girl, do not cry now." It hurt him to see her crying...

Lola wiped her tears and kissed his thin lips again and again.

The picture where they were basked in the light of the Vancouver sunset was so gorgeous.

Nobody knew whether their love was the foil to the sunset, or the sunset was the foil to their love. Together, they could be the most beautiful couple in the world.

However, no matter what happened, their love for each other would always be the best thing that happened to them.

Later, Lola and Harry went back home, because it would not be convenient that they were far from Nicole for a long time. It was better for them to go back home.

After the wedding ceremony, they could go on with their honeymoon anyway.

As long as they were together, wherever they were, they were really happy!

It was past eight in the evening when they arrived at the manor.

Nicole had been sent to the old house by Harry. But when Rose heard that Lola went on a trip by herself, she complained in disgust again.

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