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   Chapter 281 Appeared in Her Shot

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Canada, a country covering a vast territory with a sparse population, was not that crowded at all. But the extremely beautiful scenery was second to none.

The red maple leaves were like enticing burning flames. In the fresh air, the maple leaves could represent the pure autumn scenery. They were spread out layer by layer in well proportion. The heavy colors looked like ink paintings. She found herself entranced by them and a sound feeling burst from her heart.

She picked a fiery-red maple leaf from the ground and used it to cover her left eye. She got her phone out and took a selfie.

This selfie and several artistic photos of other landscape views were all sent to Harry.

She used the HD camera given by Harry and took many pictures of splendid scenes.

She visited the streets in the old city of Quebec and Maple Road of Canada. Along her journey, she also took the time to appreciate valleys, rivers, mountains and lakes. Red maple leaves were everywhere and their colors were really amazing.

On the third day, she went to the Niagara Falls. It was along Maple Road that the incredibly amazing maple leaf scenery could be seen up close and personally.

Standing in front of the majestic scene, she saw that the water was mixed with fiery-red, golden-yellow and jade-green against the color of autumn. Her heart was fascinated by this.

Visiting Canada in this season could bring visual feast to travelers like her.

The pleasant sound of the falling leaves, the playful noises of children and the loving scenes of young couples, were all recorded in her camera. She had used the camera to its fullest to capture this magnificent scenery.

Suddenly, a man with sophisticated facial features, appeared in her shot. He was wearing a black and white sportswear and looked enthusiastic. He also possessed a really charming smile.

This made her hand hesitate in pressing down the shutter release. She just smiled and took a photo with him on the scene.

Then she ran without hesitations to the man and rushed into his arms.

He tightly held her in his own arms and kissed her red lips without thinking of what the other people would feel.

She had been away from him for more than 72 hours, so he could not wait to meet her. He had been so sad for so long.

Looking at the couples who were kissing each other willingly, the surrounding people began to whistle in a sweet manner.

They were emitting the light of love. Many people took their cam


She lazily crawled out of the bed and walked into the bathroom herself. With this, she let Harry look at her sexy back that would force him to have flirty thoughts in his mind.

He simply told Joey the important things that he needed to do. Then he stepped into the room, put down the phone, took off his bathrobe and also entered the bathroom.

It was already three in the afternoon when they were heading for their next station: Vancouver.

Because of several days of traveling and lack of sleep at night, Lola just slept all the way.

What made Lola more disappointed was that she had her period the second day after they arrived in Vancouver. It was really uncomfortable.

She felt so much pain that she had to stay in bed. Harry had already made two cups of brown sugar tea for her, but the pain was still there.

He also laid in bed to put her head in his arms as his warm hands softly touched her lower abdomen.

Then, bowls of edible bird's nest with milk and chicken soup were served into the room.

Lola truly admired Harry's influence and power as he could even have access to rare dishes and meals in almost every place they go to.

When the third bowl was served to her, Lola was too full to drink more. She sniffed, "The amount of edible bird's nest a person took per day should be limited." It would be just a waste of the delicious food if she tried to eat more.

Harry's hand became a little bit stiff. He got a bit disappointed on hearing it. But he said in a concerned tone, "Do you feel better now?" Before, he always saw Yolanda eat this for two to three times a day. He hoped Lola would also feel better.

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